Democratic House, Senate Committees Out-Raise Republicans in January

The Democratic Party's campaign arms outperformed their Republican counterparts in January.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, the Democratic Party's House campaign arm, announced on Friday it had raised $6 million in January. The National Republican Congressional Committee, meanwhile, raised $4.8 million in January, an official told ABC News.

The $6 million haul was the DCCC's largest ever in January, according to a spokesman.

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee took in $5 million in January, the organization announced, while the National Republican Senatorial Committee took in $4.19 million.

The Republican Party has a larger war chest for House races; for Senate races, the opposite is true.

An NRCC spokesman told ABC News the group ended January with $17.6 million in the bank, while the DCCC said it ended January with $13.05 million on hand. The DSCC, meanwhile, said it ended January with $15.4 million on hand, while the NRSC said it had $13.4 million in the bank.

In 2011, the DCCC managed to out-raise the NRCC by $2.8 million for the year, even as Republicans entered the House majority. The DCCC raised just under $50 million in 2011, while the NRCC raised just over $47 million.

After their sweeping gains in the 2010 midterm elections, Republicans will defend more vulnerable House  seats in 2012. Republicans will defend 19 House seats rated as "toss-ups" by the Cook Political Report in 2012, while Democrats will defend none.

In the Senate, however, Democrats have it much worse. Democrats will defend seven "toss-up" seats, according to Cook, while Republicans will defend two.

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