How Does the WH See Xi? - Today's Q for O's WH - 2/14/2012

TAPPER: This is a follow-up on her question. What is the White House's impression of Vice President Xi in terms of the direction he's going to take China, his - whether or not he's going to be anything of a reformer or if his path through the Communist Party rule is prologue. What's the take? I know that National Security Adviser Donilon - this is his area of expertise, China.

CARNEY: Sure. Well, it's an important enough relationship that it - there is no single interlocutor, if you will. The vice president has a role, the national security adviser, Secretary Geithner, Secretary Clinton. The president obviously leads the entire effort.

I think it's both too early for us to make those kinds of evaluations, but also would be inappropriate for - to speculate. Vice President Xi is the likely future leader of China. He obviously at this time is vice president. President Hu is the leader of that country and the head of state, so we - our interactions with him are the ones that - it is on the issues, decision-making issues, that we - that we deal with President Hu, obviously, at this point. So I think it's premature to make those kinds of judgments, but it is a measure of the importance of the relationship for both countries that Vice President Xi is here and that he is having the kinds of meetings that he's having today.

- Jake Tapper

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