Linsanity Infects the 'This Week' Roundtable

VIDEO: George Will, Lou Dobbs, and Dee Dee Myers on Jeremy Lin?s Rise

The "This Week" roundtable weighs in on Linsanity.

The "This Week" roundtable weighed in on the latest national obsession - Jeremy Lin's improbable rise to stardom for the New York Knicks.

"It's great to see a child of Asian immigrants excelling at the most pure American sport," George Will said of Lin, a Chinese-American graduate of Harvard who has taken the NBA by storm. "It's nice to see Harvard produce someone who's not a net subtraction from the public good.

"I would also note that the last time the Knicks won the NBA championship, they had a Princetonian in their starting five, Bill Bradley," added Will, a Princeton graduate.

FOX Business Network host Lou Dobbs continued the Harvard digs, saying, "[ESPN columnist] Rick Reilly, he said it best. This is like a mule winning the Kentucky Derby, being from Harvard."

"I think it's fantastic," former White House press secretary Dee Dee Myers said of Lin's rise. "He's not only elevated his game, he's elevated the team's game. He's ultimately a team player. And I think he's overcome so much to get where he is, everybody's rooting for him."

Tune in later today to see if Lin can continue his remarkable run, when the New York Knicks host the Dallas Mavericks at 1 p.m. ET on ABC.

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