My Bottom Line: Mitt Romney's Trap

What a week in politics. This Republican primary is full of surprising twists and turns, even for someone who has been watching politics as long as I have. So, this week for the Bottom Line I asked you on Twitter and Facebook what you want to talk about and - no surprise here - Rick Santorum's clean sweep Tuesday night was the most popular topic. I received many questions asking how it happened  and what does it mean for the general election?

Here's my Bottom Line: Santorum took advantage of an opportunity and left Florida and Nevada to campaign instead in Colorado and Minnesota.  And as Mitt Romney said, Santorum was able to "reap the rewards of that approach" when he won those states.

But Santorum's victory was also about what Mitt Romney has not done: win the hearts of conservative Republican voters. They don't quite trust him yet. And as one Republican strategist said to me, "if Mitt Romney can't put away this field, how can he beat President Obama?"

That question was echoed by Russell Ducoff who tweeted "is all the uncertainty about the GOP nominee and the bitter campaigns going to make Obama's re-election more likely?"

Watch my Bottom Line to find out:

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