Buddy Roemer Beating Gingrich, Paul in Puerto Rico

(Image Credit: Steve Pope/Getty Images)

Sunday's primary in Puerto Rico was bad for all of the GOP candidates not named Mitt Romney. However, Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul had particularly dismal performances on the island.

The votes are still being counted but with 83 percent of the vote in, Buddy Roemer, the former governor of Louisiana who officially withdrew his bid for the GOP nomination in February, is outperforming Gingrich and Paul. Roemer, who is now seeking the Reform Party's nomination for president in 2012, is about 200 votes ahead of Newt Gingrich, and more than 1,000 votes ahead of Ron Paul.

Paul is currently in last place, behind Roemer, Gingrich, and Fred Karger-a gay rights activist and a veteran of several GOP presidential campaigns including ones that elected Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush.

Romney currently has 85 percent of the vote in Puerto Rico, with Rick Santorum a distant second place  at 8 percent. Gingrich and Paul have claimed 2 and 1 percent of the vote respectively so far.

Neither Gingrich nor Paul campaigned in Puerto Rico ahead of the primary.

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