Delegate Math: Friend or Foe to Romney?

VIDEO: 1,144 reasons for wholl be the GOP presidential nominee in 2012.

Even while getting shut out in Alabama and Mississippi last night, Mitt Romney managed to rack up more delegates than Rick Santorum thanks to wins in Hawaii and American Samoa.

With some delegates from Tuesday's contests still outstanding, Romney won 41, Santorum won 35, Newt Gingrich won 24 and Ron Paul won one.

See the latest delegate totals at the OTUS News Primary Scorecard.

The bigger question for Romney is not will he have more delegates than Santorum, but will he have enough delegates to win the nomination outright. If Romney doesn't get to 1,114 delegates by June 26 (the date of the last primary) , the nomination will be decided at the RNC convention in August. The last time we had one of these so-called "contested" conventions was 1976. That year, President Gerald Ford came into the convention short of the necessary delegates. He did, however, manage to beat back a challenge by Ronald Reagan to secure the nomination. He promptly went on to lose the general election to Jimmy Carter.

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