GOP Plays Delegate Chicken, A Southern Detour, Joe the Plumber, An Old Obama Video (PM Note)

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Primary Scorecard:

Romney's Delegate Path - 401 Down, 743 To Get 1144 - That means he needs 47 Percent of 1557 delegates still available. He's gotten 55 percent of those awarded so far.

Romney Campaign Says Opponents Would Need an "Act of God" to Win GOP Nomination -

But a Southern Detour Could Make It Take a While -

No, YOU Quit - Get Comfortable - From Matt Jaffe - Santorum is hoping that Gingrich will abandon the race, despite the former House Speaker's plan to stay in it. Santorum's Super PAC - the Red, White and Blue Fund - said today that "with Gingrich exiting the race it would be a true head-to-head race and conservatives would be able to make a choice between a consistent conservative in Rick Santorum or Mitt Romney. For instance, with Gingrich out of the race Santorum would have won both Ohio and Michigan. Newt has become a hindrance to a conservative alternative." Unfortunately for Santorum, Gingrich said today he's not going anywhere except on to Alabama and Mississippi, two of the next states to vote. "If I thought he was a slam dunk to beat Romney and to beat Obama I would really consider getting out," Gingrich said of Santorum on The Bill Bennett Show. "I don't."

Swing State Swing (And some non-Detroit car shilling) - Obama's Fate in North Carolina Hinges on Economy:

Picky Primary Palate - Newt Skips Kansas - Says now that Mississippi and Alabama are the states to win.

A Joe the Plumber vs. Marcy Kaptur Race Will be Interesting - A Plumber vs. Kucinich Race Would Have Been Transcendental -

Marco Rubio Getting Antsy -

Super Tuesday as "Super Glue Day" - as in Romney is stuck to Gingrich and Santorum.  Har Har. - More from Devin Dwyer -

Romney Raised $11.5 million in February - But what's his burn rate? - From Emily Friedman -

Obama '91 Video - It's New! It's Old! It's Cut! It's Licensed - How a 21 year-old piece of video of Barack Obama speaking at a protest about tenure at Harvard had people spinning -

Convention Chair Villaraigosa Disagrees with Obama, Says Same-Sex Marriage Should be Part of Democrats' 2012 Platform: And more on votes to come in the debate over marriage equality -

Fla. Lawmaker Denies Trying to Buy Off Challenger -

McCain Grills Panetta at Hearing - "We're Not Leading" on Syria - :

Netanyahu's Secret Coded Gift to Obama  - Hint: it's not a waffle iron -

Doing the Dougie at the WH - Chris Rock Riffs on Obama's 50th Birthday Bash  -

Obama Pushes Alternative Energy in North Carolina -

Rush Limbaugh: No Use Crying Over Lost Advertisers (more than 40) - The talk show host apologized again, gave the equivalent of, "Ad buys? We don't need no stinkin' ad buys" on his show today.

Trump Recording Robo-Calls for Romney -

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