Is It Over Yet?, Badger Recall, Calif. Geography, Call the Astronaut an Astronaut (PM Note)

Mar 30, 2012 5:23pm

Is It Over Yet? Gingrich Hints at an Alliance – Flailing presidential candidate Newt Gingrich says he’s been talking with Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum about the best way to beat President Obama, but the non-Romney candidates aren’t showing signs of dropping out. Gingrich told a Milwaukee radio station today that “we have all three been talking with each other all during the process because we all three understand that the number-one mission is to defeat Barack Obama.” “So I talked to Santorum recently, and I think that’s just a part of the process,” Gingrich said. Gingrich and Romney met last week in New Orleans, though the former House speaker has denied that the conversation was about making some sort of deal.   (Matt Negrin)
Gingrich is still careful to say he’s in it ’til Romney has a majority – Goldman)

Stocks End Best 1st Quarter Since 1998 –

Romney Makes Strong Pivot Friedman)

Beyond Bin Laden – Romney Eyeing Foreign Policy Argument –

Russia and the U.S. – Friend, Foe or It’s Complicated? – Dana Hughes –

Santorum Says ‘Don’t Settle’ Like in 2008

Tuesday Contests – Wisconsin, DC, Maryland

Paul Ryan (unlike certain Florida GOP heavyweights) Endorses Romney Before His State Votes

Watch him on “This Week with George Stephanopoulos” on Sunday.

It’s Official – Walker Recall June 5- Wisconsin’s presidential primary is Tuesday, But the real political contest is officially on the horizon as the election board there okayed the recall effort against Gov. Scott Walker. A special election is scheduled for June 5, with a Democratic primary to take place four weeks earlier, on May 8.  Three Democrats have declared their candidacies – former Dane County executive Kathleen Falk, Wisconsin secretary of state Doug LaFollette and state senator Kathleen Vinehout.   (Elizabeth Hartfield)

Obama Tightens Spigot on Iran Oil

The Supreme Court Has Probably Already Decided… we just won’t know what the answer is until June or so –

Obama Blasts “You’re On Your Own Economics” – Appears at strictly campaign events in Northeast –

Michael Falcone’s California Geography Lesson- If you’re thinking Michael Falcone wanted to go home to California (he masks it with a San Diego dateline) to write this incredibly in-depth piece about California and the GOP and 2012, you’re right (he even talks to Pete Wilson) – Read it -

A Lottery Jackpot Would Make You Richer Than Mitt Romney –

The Chicago Way- Mayor Rahm Emanuel takes matters into his own hands, proposing an infrastructure plan with a $7 billion price tag and no federal help.

Jose Hernandez Can Be ‘Astronaut’ on Ballot- Lawyers complained about candidate listing occupation since he hadn’t worked for NASA in a little over a year.

Spies Like U.S.  – The Karl Rove-linked super PAC American Crossroads capitalizes on President Obama’s recent hot mic moment with outgoing Russian President Dmitry Medvedev with a James Bond-style movie trailer.

Obama v. Eurozone 2012 – Biden Says Foreign Crisis Bigger Threat Than Romney in 2012 – VP Biden says President Obama is more likely to be defeated by a crisis in the eurozone than by the GOP -

Obama Dishes to Donors on Daddyhood, Dating – A new campaign video seeks to elevate the Obama brand, featuring an excerpt from daughter Malia Obama’s dance recital in which she calls the president’s hairdressing skills “a disaster.” More from Devin Dwyer -

Santorum Snubs Paul Ryan?- Mention of Wisconsin lawmaker  dropped  from Santorum stump speech after endorsement of Mitt Romney -

Homonym of Newt, Lives in a Zoo

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