Lugar Can't Vote, Stephanopoulos Odds on Open Convention, Sen. Puertoriqueno, The Rutherford B. Hayes Incident (PM NOTE)

Rod Blagojevich Reported to Jail Today - Other pols behaving badly -

Sen. Lugar Can't Vote for Himself -

'That's Why He's Not on Mt. Rushmore' - Obama Accuses Rutherford B. Hayes, Who Installed first telephone in the White House, of being anti-telephone - Fact Check: Hayes installed first telephone at the White House  -

Defined: Official v. Campaign Event?  -  Mary Bruce covered Obama's energy speech and reports: "The president's remarks at the "official" event seemed to overshadow the vice president's "campaign" speech today, which he delivered in Ohio at the same time. The most notable difference was that Biden called out his GOP opponents by name, while Obama simply referred to them as "folks who are, you know, running for a certain office who shall go unnamed."

Rahm Rhymes to Romney: "If you can't stand up to Rush, how are you going to stand up to Russia?"

Odds Maker - George Stephanopoulos on Santorum's "Act of God" Strategy and Whether He Can Force an Open Convention - "To do it, Santorum would have to basically sweep all the big states left: Illinois next week. (And even that win might not get him most of the delegates because Santorum's off the ballot in a few districts.) Then he needs upsets in Wisconsin and Maryland on April 3rd - plus a sweep of New York and Pennsylvania at the end of the month. In May, he'd need to win big on the 8th:  Indiana, West Virginia and North Carolina - and hope that gives him enough momentum to win three of the five contests on June 5th.  One of those wins would have to be either New Jersey or California. All that would cripple Romney heading to Tampa.  Is it likely?  Not really, but not impossible either.

Lost in Translation - Campaigning in Puerto Rico Rick Santorum, who said he was once known as Sen. Puertoriqueno, lost the support of a local politician when he said English should be the main language of the island if Puerto Rico wants to become a state. The primary in Puerto Rico is Sunday. And Every delegate counts as Santorum tries to catch up with Mitt Romney. There's a vote on the issue in November. -

SCOTUS - Liberals Eye Scalia and Roberts on Health Reform (what happened to Kennedy?) - Speculation is in overdrive, according to Ariane de Vogue. Tea leaf readers have considered Scalia's Medical Marijuana opinion and Roberts' sense of legacy and the need for a decisive decision to wonder whether they'd side with an individual mandate

Most Confusing Caucus? - Missouri in the Running - Chris Good on his home state - "Effectively, Missouri is running things just like Colorado, with a nonbinding presidential vote and a multi-tiered delegate-selection process, with delegates allocated to candidates at the end. Except in Missouri's case, that preference vote was held five weeks beforehand, the state party tried to cancel it, only one candidate campaigned for it, another major candidate made no effort to qualify, and its delegate-meaninglessness was publicized far and wide within the state."

Gingrich Says He Expects a Romney / Santorum Race in Illinois - From Elicia Dover - "Illinois congressman and former Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert, who endorsed Romney for president, told reporters on a fly-around of the state campaigning for Romney Thursday that while he still considered Gingrich a friend he did not support his candidacy for president."

Biden Gives First Ohio Campaign Speech - From Devin Dwyer - Biden for the first time directly rebutted Romney's claim that the industry could have survived without an infusion of taxpayer cash and that other automakers such as Ford could have picked up the slack in production if GM and Chrysler had gone down.  He even singled out Bain Capital, the investment firm Romney co-founded, for apparently not "lining up to lend  anybody any money either." "Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich. These guys have a fundamentally different economic philosophy than we do," Biden said, framing the November election as a choice between competing visions rather than a referendum on the administration's record.

Angus King Gives Maine Forecast a Chance of Independents - Candidate filing deadline was today at 5 p.m. -

Obama Gets BBQ in MD

Obama Heard About Kony Video from Daughter Malia -

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