Manners Aside, Obama Says He's Got Game

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President Obama will have dinner tonight in Washington, D.C., with four grassroots donors who won a campaign sweepstakes. What will the conversation be like?

The Obama campaign offers a 30-second preview video here.

The president, seen talking with his mouth full while apparently chowing down on a salad, boasts to a donor at the last "Dinner with Barack" that he could have been NBA material.

"I'd be starting point guard for the Chicago Bulls," Obama says, when asked who he would work for if he could pick a boss other than himself.

"I think that ship has sailed, so that's probably not going to happen," he adds. "But I wouldn't mind being on [ESPN's] Sports Center. You know, do the top 10 plays?"

"If I watch TV, it's usually what I watch: Sports Center," he said.

The exchange occurred at a D.C.  restaurant  Jan. 6, which we reported here.

The Obama campaign has made common practice of using video of the president "unplugged" to showcase his personality and authenticity. More here.

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