My So Called Life in Movies

The premiere of the HBO movie "Game Change" is this weekend, and Sarah Palin and her allies have made it clear that they're not happy about how the former Vice Presidential candidate was portrayed.

I sympathize with them. I haven't been through the exact same process but I have had my share of fictional doppelgangers loosely based on my work in the White House.

And it wasn't always flattering.

Take Tony Goldwyn, who played Fletcher Cole in the 1993 movie "The Pelican Brief." He was a White House aide who tried to cover up ties to the assassination of two Supreme Court Justices.

I fared a little better in Broken Arrow, when Frank Whaley played a White House advisor who tried to blow the whistle on a nuclear crisis.

And how's this for fantasy - Charlie Sheen plays Bobby Bishop who stops an assassination plot against the President in "Shadow Conspiracy.

But of all my doppelgangers Michael J. Fox in "The American President" was my favorite. Take a look to find out why.

-George Stephanopoulos

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