Obama Stops for Barbecue

What's for lunch today? Baby back ribs if you're President Obama. After his energy speech this morning, the president made a surprise lunch stop at Texas Ribs and BBQ in Clinton, Md., with Sen. Ben Cardin, D-Md.

After inspecting the menu, the president placed his order at the front takeout counter. "Hot sauce? Got to be hot," he told the woman behind the register. "You want to ring me up now? I'm going to have to pay, so don't try to get sneaky with me," he told her, before heading off to work the room.

"Sorry to cause a fuss," Obama said as he walked from table to table, chatting with diners and posing for pictures. "You guys taking a little lunch break?" he asked a group sitting at one of the wood-paneled booths lining the restaurant.

The president also talked with some diners who worked at Andrews Air Base and thanked them for their service. "I'm standing between you and the last bite," he joked of interrupting their lunch.

Before heading out, the president picked up his takeout order, two slabs of baby back ribs and a brisket sandwich with fries for Cardin. The meal cost $50.85, which the president paid in cash.

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