Pig Interrupts Press Conference on Pork Barrel Spending

(Image Credit: ABC)

Many lawmakers talk about cutting pork barrel spending, but for Wisconsin Senate candidate Mark Neumann talk wasn't enough.

The former U.S. Congressman brought a kicking, squealing pig to a press conference in Milwaukee Monday to symbolize the pork barrel spending he says is still running rampant in Congress. Neumann told ABC News Tuesday that he named the piglet Mr. Favors to symbolize "the lobbyists and special interests asking to put favors into the bills in Washington."

The 10-weak old piglet was about as unhappy about being at the press conference as Neumann was about the "unacceptable" spending in Washington. Mr. Favors interrupted the short press conference with loud squeals as he attempted to free himself from Neumann's grasp.

"If you think he's squealing now, wait til you hear him in Washington, DC when they start really cutting wasteful government spending," Neumann said at the press conference.

Neumann said he has a "hunch" people will be seeing a lot more of Mr. Favors as his campaign progresses toward the November election.

"I would expect in six or seven months we will see a full grown 200-pound pig," Neumann said. "Much like bills in Congress as they work their way through Congress, this pork is just going to get bigger."

The centerpiece of Neumann's Senate campaign is balancing the budget and paying down the federal debt.  Throughout his two terms in the U.S. House from 1995 to 1998, Neumann received "A" grades from the National Taxpayers Union, which advocates for lower taxes and limited government.

Neumann faces an uphill battle in the GOP primary for the Wisconsin senate seat now held by retiring Sen. Herb Kohl, a Democrat. Former Gov. Tommy Thompson, Wisconsin Assembly Speaker Jeff Fitzgerald and businessman Eric Hovde are also battling for the seat.

The Republican nominee will face Democratic Rep. Tammy Baldwin in November's the general election.

ABC's Meg Fowler contributed to this report.

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