PM Note: Feisty Mitt, Newt's Logic, Delegate Numerology, British Humor, Pie on the Campaign Trail

ABC News' Z. Byron Wolf ( @zbyronwolf) reports:

Lemon Pud Instead of Pie at the State Dinner Tonight - Lame.

A Pi Day Appreciation of Pie on the Campaign Trail - by Arlette Saenz for OTUS  -

Missour-ee or Missour-uh? - Chris Good Employs Charts 'n' Grafs to Settle the Question -

Newt's Logic - Gingrich Explains to Jon Karl he's actually helping Santorum by staying In - "We're actually helping because between us - Santorum and I - are stopping Romney," Gingrich said. He suggests journalists relax and enjoy the show. Plus, the two reasons Gingrich might be right -

Jon Karl interviews Rick Santorum on This Week this week - An Early Sunday DVR Reminder.

Delegate Numerology - Even on a night when he placed third in two key GOP state contests and won two smaller ones, Mitt Romney was victorious in the one area that really counts - the delegate race. When you look at the race from a national perspective, more Republicans by a long shot have voted for Romney. And his delegate totals surpass all of his rivals combined. Romney has 496 (53 percent of those awarded so far), so he needs 648 more to win the nomination. (About 48 percent of those remaining)

But that doesn't mean Mitt Romney isn't a little grumpy…

Defensive Romney Tangles with Megyn Kelly -

On losing in the South - "Oh and by the way last night I got more delegates than anyone else"

On his wealth and connecting - "You know what, I made a lot of money, okay?… I know the DNC tries to push this out and they get it on the mainstream media networks and that's where you guys see it and everybody laughs about it, because in this country we want someone who can help other people become successful." More from Emily Friedman -

Delegate Scorecard at OTUS NEWS -

Obama Says No Change to Afghanistan Withdrawal Timeline -

Iran: Concern About Broader War Dampens Support for Iran Attack - 84 percent of Americans suspect Iran is developing a nuclear weapon. 41 percent of Americans support military action to stop it. -

British Humor - David Cameron at the White House: "I am a little embarrassed that 200 years ago my ancestors tried to burn this place down."

A Backyard Grill at Downing St. - The president gave the British prime minister a custom-made grill, as a show of hospitality. Every part of the grill was made in America.

PM and His Wife - A Romance Both Chivalrous…and With a Pat on the… Ahem - Cameras caught Samantha Cameron giving her husband a little love tap after he opened the door for her to help her out of car.

Obama, Santorum Neck-and-Neck in Pennsylvania - In the state where he grew up, Santorum is the GOP candidate viewed as most likely to beat Barack Obama, according to a poll of voters in the Keystone State.

Fair Weather Endorsers - Santorum may run strong in Pennsylvania against Obama, but former Penn. Gov Tom Ridge Endorsed Romney Today, Which got us thinking about politicians who have endorsed two different candidates in the same year -

Axelrod Cancels on Bill Maher - In light of the back-and-forth between liberals and conservatives over sexist remarks made by polarized radio personalities, Obama's senior campaign strategist is playing it safe, staying off Maher's show.

Senate Passes Transportation Bill -

Are Politicians Tax Deductible? - How one man in Minnesota got creative with his taxes -

George Clooney Seeks Stronger Sanctions for Sudan - The silver fox talked turmoil in South Sudan and how it affects America's price at the pump on Capitol Hill today.

International First Lady Fashion Mash Up -

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