PM Note: Health Reform Anniversary Eve, Etch a Cont'd, A Half Pipeline

Health Anniversary Eve - Call it the Affordable Care Act like Democrats or "Obamacare" like Republicans. It turns two tomorrow. A one-stop shop of health care-related news for this week and next -

Ariane de Vogue  has everything you need to know about the Supreme Court arguments on whether it violates the Constitution by requiring just about everyone obtain health insurance -

How Does "Obamacare" - the Affordable Care Act - Affect You? Tell Us Your Story -

President Obama marks the two-year anniversary of the Affordable Care Act with a new campaign video aimed at putting a face on the story of how "an unmet promise" of health insurance reform became the law of the land - he's trying to re-sell the thing to a public where ? of Americans think they shouldn't have to buy health insurance if they don't want to. (Remember when candidate Obama thought that?) -

On the Campaign Trail: Etch a Sketch, Cont'd

Ann Romney on Mitt's Campaign - "It's Not About Toys" -

Jake Tapper Tweets - Etch-a-Sketch stock:

Has Mad Etch A Sketch Skills -

Gingrich Makes Toy Alligator Eat Etch A Sketch -

Santorum Suggests Obama Beats an 'Etch A Sketch' Candidate -

Romney Could Use Etch A Sketch 'Restart' With Latinos, Women, the Poor -

Gingrich says he isn't responsible for what voters say - even if they're calling Obama a Muslim -

Despite DeMint Call for Unity, Romney Ain't Exactly Aboard the Tea Party Express -

Pipeline to… Where? - Obama Admin Fast-Tracks Southern Portion of Keystone -

Boehner: "This is like the governor holding a press conference to renew my driver's license - except this announcement still leaves American energy and jobs behind."

Obama on Solyndra: 'This Was Not Our Program Per Se' - Devin Dwyer - "Obviously, we wish Solyndra hadn't gone bankrupt," Obama said at the nation's largest solar energy plant. "But understand: This was not our program per se." … Obama rightly notes that Congress created with bipartisan support an Energy Department loan guarantee program for clean energy start-ups in 2005, during the George W. Bush administration. However, he incorrectly suggests Solyndra received its financing from that same 2005 program.  Instead, the company's $500 million in fast-tracked loan guarantees came from an entirely new section of the program created under Obama by the 2009 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, also known as the stimulus.

Steve King on Solyndra Investigations  - "I think leadership doesn't want to be seen as using the gavels here for political purposes," King said in an interview with The Hill. "I think there's a bit of an aversion to that. Me? I have no reservations about that. This is politics."

Water World - Lack of Water May Lead to Terrorism, Violence, Failed States, Says Secretary Clinton

On The Hill:

Senate Passes JOBS Act; Bill Returns to House -

Senate Passes Less Severe Congress Insider Trading Ban -

Sen. Dick Durbin Calls Senate Hearings Over New Orleans Saints Bounty Program -

In the House:

House Members Give Their Families Millions in Campaign Cash -

Trayvon Martin Shooting Outrage Comes to House Floor -

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