Romney Raises $11.5 Million in February

(Image Credit: Gerald Herbert/AP Photo)

BOSTON - The Romney campaign said today that it raised $11.5 million in February, surpassing the $9 million fellow GOP candidate Rick Santorum raised last month.

It was the campaign's second most lucrative fundraising month of this presidential election, after December, a spokeswoman said.

February's haul comes after the campaign raised $6.5 in January and spent roughly $19 million.

Romney apparently has no plans to tap his personal fortune to help fund the campaign, he said Tuesday during a news conference in Belmont, Mass.

"I don't have any plans with regards to my campaign finances at this stage other than to keep on raising the money necessary to go forward," he said

Romney also spoke of his campaign's ability to raise the money that will be needed to go against President Obama's re-election campaign, should Romney become the nominee.

"We've worked very hard to organize a full campaign, including fundraising capacity throughout the country," he said. "We organized a number of fundraising organizations or individuals, and we built the kind of organization you have to have to go up against President Obama, who will have a billion dollars.

"He'll far outspend our Republican nominee, but we're in a very good position to raise the money we need to stand up to his message."

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