Romney's Heavyweight Introduction on Super Tuesday Eve

Jim Watson/AFP/Getty Images

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio - On the eve of Super Tuesday, Mitt Romney introduced one of his most powerful weapons on the campaign trail.  That part is hardly new, but it was how he introduced her.

"I'll introduce to you the heavy weight champion of my life.  I don't mean weight, that didn't come out right, she's just a great fighter is what I mean," Romney said with a smile.

Taking the stage in what's been a bruising primary campaign, Ann Romney played off her husband's introduction.  "Well, if this goes on much longer I will be the heavyweight champion."  Speaking of her clothes, "Things are getting a little tight.  This is what happens when you're on the campaign trail… We've been on this for a long time now and you don't always get to eat what you'd like or exercise like you like," Mrs. Romney said.

As Ann Romney spoke of the rigors of the campaign, national polls also showed the toll of this highly charged fight.

While several polls show Romney with new momentum in the crucial state of Ohio leading into Super Tuesday, some of national polling shows the primary battle is chipping away at Romney's favorability among independents and Republicans in the country as a whole.

Hoping to get the support of voters in Ohio and other states tomorrow, Romney told the crowd inside this Youngstown factory, "I believe if I do, I'll get the nomination.  And then we can start organizing our effort to make sure that we replace President Obama."  "He's raising millions of dollars every month," Romney said of President Obama.

Inside the campaign, there is a hunger to turn their focus back to the general election.  If there is an Ohio win for Romney, a top adviser tells me the Romney campaign could very well begin to present an argument over delegate math - asking whether it's possible that any of the other candidates could ever catch up.

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