Don't Mess with Moms, Recalling Hillary Clinton in '92, Obama on Kanye, The First Election (PM Note)

One Thing Nobody Talked About Today - 'Romneycare' -

Instead, everyone was talking about child care.

Obama on Hilary Rosen to ABC's Cedar Rapids Affiliate KCRG - "There's no tougher job than being a mom… Anybody who would argue otherwise, I think, probably needs to rethink their statement."

Cokie Roberts calls in with the reason the Obama team has so quickly responded - "Remember, George W. Bush won among married women. Many of those women are mothers. The reason the Obama camp is reacting so vigorously is that those women are up for grabs, unlike single women who form a solid Democratic bloc."

Diane Sawyer will interview Mitt and Ann Romney on Monday at Fenway. What should she ask?

Hangout with Jake Tapper and Matthew Dowd - On Google - Tomorrow at 11:30 a.m. -

Barbara Bush on Fox News - "Life is good. Women who stay home are wonderful. Women who work are wonderful. Whatever."

But Jay Carney was equally forceful in siding with Ann Romney on the mommy issue while simultaneously trying to argue that her husband's policies would hurt women. In particular, Carney pointed out the Paul Ryan-authored budget.

A main wrap at OTUS News on the Ann Romney-Hilary Rosen mommy war, including Rosen's apology -

Working Moms, First Ladies and Recalling Hillary Clinton's 'Baking Cookies' Comment - This talk of campaigns and working moms had us thinking about Hillary Clinton circa 1992, with her disparaging reference to Tammy Wynette and the baking of cookies.

Amy Walter: "It is remarkable that 25 years after Clinton's "cookie" remarks, the issue of the role of women in the workplace and home is as raw and polarizing as ever. At the end of the day, while the issue of women's roles in society have evolved, the role of the first lady does remain trapped in stereotypes that are tougher to break."

Clinton was so divisive as first lady, but she has become the most respected American woman, per Gallup, as a public official in her own right.

Working Women by the Numbers - 70.8 percent, are in the labor force, meaning they either have a paying job or are looking for one. But Pollster Gary Langer notes this is "an opening for Romney but not a slam dunk, and indeed perhaps double-edged. With so many mothers holding paying jobs or looking to do so, the subject again underscores the privilege of wealth; in this case, the ability of the spouse to choose not to work for pay. For most families, that's just not an option."

Get More News at ABC Politics and a Different Spin at OTUS News

Christie on Veepstakes - "There is only one person in my party who gets to make that decision and that's Governor Romney," he said. "If Governor Romney comes to me and wants to talk about it, I'll always listen." More from National Review -

Imagine if Today's Twitter-nuts Political Press Covered the 1789 Election - Only 10 states and 1 percent of the electorate were heard. There was no election day. It was a mess -

Women and the Supreme Court - Three sitting female justices share a stage for the first time to commemorate the first female justice -

Obama on Kanye - Still a Jackass -

The Obama Campaign Machine Was Quick to React to Mommygate, but this wasn't what they had planned for today, according to Devin Dwyer -

Tax Rules - Yesterday they wanted to call it the "Reagan Rule" and today Biden suggested calling it the "Romney Rule" -

Busted - Jon Karl Tweets from Nationals Home Opener -

Speaking of Fenway, Rick Klein Points out the Park is a major Platform for Scott Brown -

The Herman Cain Canon - Dead Goldfish, Exploding Bunnies and Now Killer Chickens -

Sarah Palin PAC Reserves Space Near RNC Site -

Gingrich Says 'Probably Not' to Romney Cabinet Job -

Santorum Says Campaign Funds Dried Up -

Newt Says Fox - (ahem, his former employer)  is More Biased than CNN -

Buster Bluth and Elaine - Stars of Veep on Veepstakes -

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