Harry Reid Says Secret Service Scandal Suggests 'Stupidity', No Need for New Law

(Image Credit: Bill Clark/Getty Images)

Asked in the wake of the Secret Service scandal if Congress should be more involved in reforming the culture of the US Secret Service, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., declared today that lawmakers just cannot legislate against stupidity.

"There'll be committees of jurisdiction that will hold hearings on this. But all - understand this: There's not a committee hearing that's going to take the place or stop people from being stupid. There is not a bill we can pass to cause people to have common sense," said Reid.

He added there will be various investigations and committee hearings going forward on this in due time, as they should.

"I mean, think about this: People that are here to protect the president - they go to Colombia and have a fight with a prostitute over how much she should be paid," he continued, "And that's a little - that's either very stupid or total lack of common sense."

All that said, Reid says he has "great confidence" in the Secret Service.

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