Jon Huntsman Describes Mitt Romney's 'Trust Deficit'

Matthew Cavanaugh/Getty Images

Jon Huntsman continues to play Republican gadfly and in a speech Thursday at Harvard's Kennedy School of Government, he sounded more like an independent candidate for president (which he is not) than somebody who has endorsed Mitt Romney ( which he has).

"The party is not in a good place right now," Huntsman said, according to a write-up in the Harvard Crimson.

Huntsman cited immigration in particular and a lack of leadership in general.  "Boldness is thrown out the window," he said.  "Courage is not on display."

"Here you are during a time of the great crisis for this nation," Huntsman said. "and you say, this is all this great country can offer up?"

He didn't mention Mitt Romney's name, but was eventually asked about him and was less than enthusiastic.

"I think Romney will show leadership on the economy," Huntsman said. "But on the trust deficit, I don't see a whole lot of leadership."

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