More Out at Secret Service, What's Newt Thinking, Devils and Nets and NJ Politics, Obama's College Tour (PM Note)

3 More Forced Out at Secret Service - Reporting from Pierre Thomas, Jake Tapper -

What you Need to Know About the Northeast Primaries Tonight -

Newt Eyes Reagan-Style North Carolina Comeback - Jon Karl's report includes cool 1976 archive video of Charlie Gibson and Frank Reynolds -

But Newt Won't Drop Out Tonight Regardless of Delaware Showing - From Chris Moody -

Edwards Trial - The Latest from Greensboro - Andrew Young Outlines Complicated Check System - Cross-Examination Expected Tomorrow - From the team in Greensboro -

Devil's Advocate - Disgraced Gov. Eliot Spitzer on Edwards Trial: A Tragedy … but a Crime?

The Most Fun Post of the Day Has Nothing to Do With 2012  - Chris Christie vs. the Nets. Cory Booker vs. the Devils - Sport and politics and daydreaming about Guv Race 2013 in New Jersey - Chris Good writes: "The spats have showcased each politician's style. In his Nets comments, Christie lived up to the reputation he's earned for bluntly dismissing his political antagonists off the cuff. Booker, who undertook a hunger strike in 1999, and lived in a tent in front of a housing project to protest drug distribution, lived up to his own reputation for hands-on advocacy."

Why Did a PAC Supporting Term-Limited Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell Buy TV Time? - Elizabeth Hartfield investigates -

Joel Osteen Prays on the House Floor -

What's the Matter with Chelsea? - How to tie the most exciting moment of the day? Matt Jaffe suggests: Immigration, Soccer Style - Spanish Striker Torres Scores Final Goal As England's Chelsea Shocks Spanish Giants Barcelona - It's a stretch -

College Tour - From Mary Bruce -  While the president did not call out the presumptive GOP nominee by name, he drew a sharp contrast between his background and that of Mitt Romney, who comes from a wealthier family. "This is something Michelle and I know about firsthand," Obama said. "I didn't just read about this… I didn't just get some talking points about this. I didn't just get a policy briefing on this." "Check this out, all right?  I'm the president of the United States.  We only finished paying off our student loans about eight years ago," he said to laughter from the crowd of roughly 8,000. "That wasn't that long ago." While young voters still overwhelmingly support the president - Obama enjoys a substantial 60 to 34 percent lead over Romney - their interest has waned since 2008.

Plus, He'll be on Jimmy Fallon with the Dave Matthews Band. The kids love Dave Matthews Band these days, right?

Young Voters Matter - Amy Walter: "Check out the huge improvement he made over John Kerry, who lost to George W. Bush in 2004, among this group of voters in key swing states.

While the percentage of the youth vote remained relatively stable, Obama's percentage of the young vote doubled and even tripled in some key states."

FLASHBACK: GOP Notes Then-Senator Obama Skipped Vote on Student Loans in 2007 -

The Flip Side of Richard Grenell - Molly Ball suggests that a gay national security spokesman for a Republican candidate is a milestone of sorts -

Jon Karl's Light Bulb Beat - It costs about 100 times more than an old fashioned one, but a new $50 LED light bulb is not as crazy as it sounds - the new bulb can last up to 30 years, is just as bright as the old-fashioned kind, and use a fraction of the electricity. But even if you do not buy one, you have already helped pay for it. The Department of Energy awarded the bulb's maker, Philips, a $10 million prize for developing the "affordable" light bulb of the future.

Guess the Year - Jake Tapper Tweets he saw Dave Matthews in Philadelphia open for the Spin Doctors.

RNC Releases - "Welcome to North Carolina, President Obama." It suggests he should have something to say about the sexual harassment scandal embroiling North Carolina Democrats -

DNC Releases - Scott Brown's tax release comments could cause problems for Mitt Romney -

SCOTUS and Immigration - Senate Republicans Boycott Immigration Hearing -

Supreme Court to Consider Arizona Immigration Law; Author Has Ties to Romney Campaign -

Speaking of Faith - When should Mitt Romney talk about his Mormon faith? ABC's Elizabeth Hartfield weighs which is more harmful to his image - Romney's unrelatable wealth or his religion. -

Obama Avoids Word 'Genocide' On Armenian Remembrance Day -

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