Newt Gingrich Slow Jams Out, A Romney Asterisk, The End of Marriage, Who Your 401k Backs (PM Note)

Newt's Long Goodbye - We know how the Newt Gingrich campaign is going to end, but we apparently have to wait until next Tuesday to see it -

Connecticut Repeals Death Penalty -

Supreme Court Seems Receptive to Arizona Immigration Law -

The Asterisk on Romney's Northeast Wins - From Yahoo! News' Holly Bailey - The former Massachusetts governor won Delaware with 56 percent of the vote and Pennsylvania with 58 percent. According to the University of Minnesota political scientist Eric Ostermeier, that marks the first time since 1972 that a presumptive GOP nominee has failed to reach the 60 percent mark in a contest conducted after his last major challenger exited the race -

The End of Marriage? - Ozzie and Harriet step aside.  The proportion of homes in America with husband-wife couples has now fallen below 50 percent, the lowest since the Census Bureau began tabulating this family data in 1940.  (Lisa Stark)

Here's the Internship that 'Girls Gone Wild' Thinks it Bought at Sen. Mark Pryor's Office - FBI Investigation to follow? -

Rubio Spurns Foreign Policy Disengagement - "For while there are few global problems we can solve by ourselves, there are virtually no global problems that can be solved without us. In confronting the challenges of our time, there are more nations than ever capable of contributing, but there is still only one nation that is capable of leading," Rubio said today of the United States.

"Who will lead if we do not?" Rubio asked. "The answer, at least today, is that no other nation or organization is willing or able to do so."

Rubio's Grandfather Was Ordered Deported, According to Book -

House Will Vote Friday on Student Loan Bill, Take Money From Health Reform -

Obama's The Rebirth of Slick - He's on the cover of Rolling Stone -

He slow jams the news, he goes to dive bars and poses for pictures with co-eds, he makes jokes about Romney -

And How the GOP is Using it Against Him -

Obama's Student Loans - While the president was paying student loans he was - by his own definition - wealthy enough to pay higher taxes -

Who does your 401k back?  - Google is more Democratic, UPS is more Republican… and so on -  (Amy Bingham)

How a GOP PAC that Calls Itself "Young Guns" Found Itself Backing Dick Lugar -

Romney's Fine Line on Immigrati on -

Internal Affairs - Which IG Should Investigate Secret Service - Matthew Mosk and Brian Ross on the special carve-out that puts Secret Service in charge of its own investigation -

U.K. Double Dip -

What is Self Deportation? - Here's how Kris Kobach Described it to Univision - "The concept of self-deportation in immigration is that if people are breaking the law, we as a nation or an individual state should take steps to ratchet up the level of law enforcement incrementally so that people start thinking, 'Well, you know what? Maybe I should follow the law. It's harder to get the job illegally. It's harder to continue breaking the law, maybe using a false name or a false Social Security number, and I will therefore try to comply with the law in the future.' It's really that simple," Kobach said. Matt Jaffe on Romney and Kobach -

What's Wrong with Obama and Romney Proposal to Extend Student Loans Rates? - The Occupy perspective, according to Greg Krieg - "Whatever Washington ends up doing (or failing to do) as the interest rate deadline nears, Occupy Spokesman Ed Needham says it won't be enough, and that the president is, in effect, 'outlining a prescription for fixing the student debt crisis that is akin to putting a Band-aid on a tumor and telling the patient to go home.'

McCain: Secret Service Prostitution Scandal Briefing is a 'Waste of Time' -

Colbert Super PAC Outfundraises Ron Paul

Rubio Forgets Page of Speech - Marco Rubio forgot the last page to his speech at the Brookings Institute today. Rubio said the reason he needed it was because it included a long quote from former British Prime Minister Tony Blair.

Delayed Reaction - Now that allegations against the secret service agents involved in a prostitution scandal have been proven true, White House Spokesperson Jay Carney says the president is openly angry.

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