PM Note: The Osama Election, Boehner's Tirade on the Floor, Red Carpet Flash Cards, Romney's Advice on Parental Loans

Live Red Carpet Coverage of the WHCD from ABC's Amy Walter and Yahoo! News Kristen Aldridge at OTUS News.

Dinner Prep - FLASHCARD VIDEO - Amy and Kristen give each other a crash course on faces -  Amy Struggles with LiLo and Stephen Moyer , Kristen Stumped by Leon Panetta -

That and Live WHCD Coverage at OTUSNews on Saturday -

Congratulate Jake Tapper on his Three-Peat Win of Merriman Smith Award for Broadcast Excellence in Presidential Coverage  -

The Osama Election - The President's campaign released a new web video that features President Clinton talking about what cojones and political courage it took to give the order to kill bin laden. And it suggests Romney would not have made the same decision. Obama, recall, said he wouldn't "spike the football" about killing the terrorist leader. But as the one year anniversary of bin Laden's death approaches, the White House is clearly pointing to the scoreboard. And he's giving an unprecedented Situation Room interview to a TV Network -

Surely the White House would rather talk about bin Laden and foreign policy than 2.2 percent GDP growth -

But Michael Falcone Recalls When the '08 Obama Campaign Accused Hillary Clinton of Using bin Laden to Score Political Points -

"Shame on Barack Obama" - John McCain, via the RNC -  "Shame on Barack Obama for diminishing the memory of September 11th and the killing of Osama bin Laden by turning it into a cheap political attack ad."

What Romney Has Really Said About bin Laden - Emily Friedman has this list of quotes from the past year -

Romney Advice to College Kids - Borrow Money from Your Parents (We won't even get into what he said about English Majors like himself) -

Obama's Advice to Single Men - Seek superior genes -

Oh That Joe - Biden Tells Fundraiser Breakfast "You All Look Dull as Hell" -

"My God, Do We Have to Fight About Everything?" - Boehner unloads before House vote on student loan bill, which faces an uncertain future in the senate. "Now we're going to have a fight over women's health. Give me a break!" The GOP's bill on student loans took money from the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) for preventative health care services like mammograms and immunizations, and applied those savings to cover the $6 billion cost of the interest rate extension.

Funny Thing About that Preventive Health Care Fund - Democrats Were Going to Cut It Anyway - That didn't stop Obama from saying he'd veto the student loan bill. They argue there's a difference between cutting in the future and gutting today -

Hookers? Strip Clubs? Sex Acts? Very Adult Topics for Take Your Child to Work Day -

Woodruff Tweets - "Andrew Young-slammed for 3 days Now his wife-She will open fire on Edwards He will shoot back next week. It is the Battle of Worm vs Worm" - The latest from Greensboro -

Ann Romney Describes Campaigning With MS -

Palin Endorses Mourdock in Indiana -

White House Targets Diploma Mills -

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