Praying for Wisdom in the Senate, War Over Women Continues, Rick Warren on This Week, Obama Jokes About Women, Gilded GSA (PM Note)

Easter Special - Rev. Barry C. Black is in Charge of Praying for Wisdom in the Senate. He's a Busy Guy - Interview by Sunlen Miller -

Get Better, Bella -

'This Week' Preview: Pastor Rick Warren on the Economy, Mormonism, and Who Goes to Heaven - Jake Tapper Hosts -

120,000 New Jobs - Less than Expected - Small Recovery, Large Interpretation - Romney said the report was "weak and troubling" - Obama said the report was "further evidence that the economy is continuing to recover." -

Capitol Hill Interpretations -

3 Jokes About Women by Barack Obama -

War Over Women Comes to the White House - Writing about the importance of women in the 2012 election and how both sides are trying to court them is becoming repetitive and we don't even officially have a Republican nominee yet.

The latest installment: After yesterday's comments about caterpillars, the RNC today said the president's economic policies disproportionately hurt women on the same day the White House, which hosted a special forum on women in the economy today.  More from Matt Negrin:

In the thick of a battle over women, the White House is seizing on the Republican Party's struggle to woo female voters by inviting scores of them to Washington to tell the administration what they want. The White House's overture included President Obama himself, who told his female supporters today that they mean more to him than just some "monolithic" interest group; Attorney General Eric Holder, who empathized with women who are working to help victims of domestic violence; health secretary Kathleen Sebelius, who talked to women about health care; and a host of female advisers like Valerie Jarrett and Cecilia Munoz who promised that the administration has their back.

Great Comebacks from Halftime - If Rick Santorum is Right and This is Half Time, He Needs to Channel Bills Backup Frank Reich Circa 1993 (or maybe a 1986 Jack Nicklaus in the Masters)  - Chris Good -

After The Reset Button - If Mitt Romney were an agent in "Men in Black," now's about the time he would hold up the memory-erasing cylinder and flash the red light in the direction of every independent female, Latino and working-class voter. Unfortunately for Romney, the general election won't present him with a clean slate, and Democrats plan on keeping that slate full of all the far-right positions that the presumptive nominee has taken in a primary populated by conservatives. There are more than enough comments, particularly on immigration and women's issues, to keep the Obama campaign busy this fall -   (Negrin)

Gilded GSA - 'Hats Off' - With the U.S. General Services Administration under a cloud of scrutiny for questionable spending practices, the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure today released new details from a report showing that the government agency known commonly as GSA spent nearly $440,000 on "lavish gifts" like iPods and digital cameras for an incentive program for its employees -   (Parkinson)

Harvard Grad, Harvard Dad, Harvard Donor, Harvard's Gov - But Mitt Romney says Obama spent too much time there -

Barbie 2012 -

Same Sex Divorce Difficult in Maryland - Same-sex couples who have fought so long for the right to marry are finding they also need to fight for the right to divorce. There were arguments on the issue before the Maryland Supreme Court today -

We've Already Made Some Changes to Our Veepstakes List - Amy Walter's Ongoing Analysis -

Proportional - In Texas, GOP Primary To The Victor Still Just Some of the Spoils - Chris Good: Rick Santorum might need a delegate miracle, and he shouldn't expect any help from the Republican National Committee in working one. The Santorum camp is pressing for Texas to change its delegate-allotment scheme from proportional to winner-take-all, which would allow Santorum a chance at snagging 152 delegates en masse, making up some of his deficit to Mitt Romney, and depriving Romney of any delegates in the May 29 contests. The Santorum campaign circulated a delegate-strategy memo on Thursday claiming that the Texas GOP is in the process of making this change. But an RNC official tells ABC News that to change its delegate rules the Texas GOP would need to obtain a waiver from the RNC's executive committee, and the official said that's unlikely.

Eric Holder Jokes About his 3-page Obamacare Homework -

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