Secret Service and Department of Labor Rules for Children on Farms - Today's Q's for O's WH - 4/26/12

TAPPER: Following up on some of Ben's question about the alleged incident with Secret Service agents in El Salvador, was the president aware that there were allegations like this before the news report this morning?

CARNEY: I don't think so. I doubt it. I don't know that anybody of us - any of us were aware of it till we - till we read newspaper reports.

TAPPER: I guess my question is, if we're learning about this from the media, this alleged incident, is it not possible that the Secret Service is not actually doing a thorough investigation of previous incidents as well?

CARNEY: I would refer you to the Secret Service for questions about their investigation. We have said that when that investigation is complete, you know, they may - or - they may have things to say about questions regarding overall culture or issues with the service, if there are any, that extend beyond this particular incident in Colombia. But certainly for the time being we're not going to comment on unconfirmed reports that appear in the newspaper about potential other incidents. It's just - I think that Secret Service is handling this, and that's where you should direct your questions.

TAPPER But are they? Are they looking into other -

CARNEY: I think you should ask them what - you know, direct questions -

TAPPER: We are, and the first -


TAPPER: - and the first statement that Secret Service gave this morning was something along the lines of "unconfirmed reports, we'll look into anything credible." Well, I guess the question is, is it up to the media to investigate what the Secret Service might have done, or is the Secret Service taking the lead on that?

CARNEY: Well, again, I would refer you to what the Secret Service said. I don't have anything more for you on it.

TAPPER: All right. Just one other issue. Could you comment at all on the (reportedly pending) Department of Labor rule requiring 90 hours of training for safety for children that might be working on farms? This was - this has offended some people in rural communities. And I'm wondering, why did the administration feel like this rule was necessary? What's the reasoning behind it? And how much were rural communities consulted before it was issued?

CARNEY: Jake, I'm not familiar with it. I'll have to take the question.

-Jake Tapper

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