Wisconsin Ballot Problems? Not So, Say State Officials

ABC's Emily Friedman and Elizabeth Hartfield report:

Wisconsin state officials have dismissed reports of widespread ballot problems as voters cast votes in today's presidential primary.

An aide to Mitt Romney said this morning that the campaign had heard rumors of  ballot glitches across the state - of incorrectly sized ballots that could not fit into scanners -  problems that resembled those reported in the Illinois primary two weeks ago.

The Government Accountability Board, which oversees election proceedings in Wisconsin, told ABC News that these reports were wrong.

When state officials  tested the voting equipment 10 days ago, they did uncover ballot problems  in three counties: Milwaukee, Dane and Portage.  But a spokesman for the accountability board said the problems had been fixed, and that voting was expected to run smoothly.

The board has not yet heard  any reports of problems.

The Democratic Party of Wisconsin, which is running several candidates in municipal elections, told ABC News it had not heard about any ballot difficulties  either.

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