With Allegations Now Proven True, Carney Says President Obama is 'Angry' About Secret Service Scandal

(Image Credit: Carolyn Kaster/AP Photo)

Now that the allegations against the dozen U.S. Secret Service agents and officers have been investigated and proven accurate, President Obama is "angry," White House press secretary Jay Carney told reporters today. The president had previously stated he was withholding judgment until the allegations were looked into.

"Yes," Carney said when asked if the president was "angry." "I think he said as much in the interview he did with Jimmy Fallon last night. But he also believes that the actions of these individuals do not represent the Service as a whole… 99 percent of the men and women who work for the Secret Service are absolute professionals."

"Of course he is angry," Carney said, "about what he made clear even on that Sunday in Colombia was inappropriate behavior, behavior that is not acceptable for people who work for the U.S. government or representing the American people abroad."

Carney noted that the job of U.S. Secret Service agent is "not just about protecting an individual and his family, it's about protecting the presidency, a vital function in our democracy."

-Jake Tapper

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