Is Romney Right on Class Size?, Obama Tweets, Muttorn or Man?, Romney's 'Single Most Signifigant Surrogate' (PM Note)

Right Now - The President is Conducting a Spontaneous-seeming Twitter Townhall on "clean" energy. He's tweeting from the @whitehouse account and using no capital letters for effect. There's a Pete Souza tweeted photo to prove it's really him -

Senate Threatens Pakistan Aid Over Conviction of Doctor Who Helped Capture OBL -

"Donald Trump has been the single most significant surrogate for Governor Romney and has pledged his continued assistance to ensure that Obama is limited to being a one-term president."  - Who Said It? -

Urban Protesters Greet Romney in Philly -

Romney Challenged on Whether Class Size Matters - Who's Right? - Parents like small classes. But there are studies on both sides of the issue, and everyone seems to agree that a good teacher is more important than a small class -

Am I  a Mutton Or Am I a Man? - What's a Romney? - Amy Bingham - There's the Kind ont he Ballot and the Kind that Goes Baah - Both the Romney the man and Romney the mutton can trace their ancestors to England. The Romney breed of sheep takes its name from the Romney marshes just south of London, where it was first found in the 19th century. Mitt Romney's great-great grandfather lived near Manchester, about a six-hour drive north of the Romney marshes, before emigrating to the U.S. in 1841…. And while Romney the candidate has been criticized for being on both sides of some issues, Romney sheep are praised for being dual-purpose. It is one of only a few American breeds raised for both its wool, which is soft and sturdy, and its meat, which is lean and mild.

Colin Powell vs. Mitt romney vs. Barack Obama on Gay Marriage -

Political Ad Criterion Collection - Jeff Barth's South Dakota political ad has a globe, a mannequin, a chessboard and a candidate bragging about his daughters' straight teeth -

Santorum Endorses Cruz in Texas -

'Dumb' Studies and 'Dumb' Congressmen - Virginia Heffernan is Not Taken With Sunlight's Grade of Lawmaker's Vocabulary -

John Edwards, Day 5 of Deliberations - After nearly a week of deliberations jurors in the John Edwards trial have yet to reach a verdict, methodically working their way through six criminal charges and a month's worth of testimony about how the former presidential candidate allegedly used campaign donations to cover up a torrid illicit affair.

Jon Huntsman, Sex Symbol for Retired People -

A Different Kind of Commencement - Holder Speaks to Drug Court Graduates -

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