Roy Brooks vs. Roy Brooks: Guess Who Won

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The battle "Roy-ale" for a Texas county commissioner seat has been won by Roy Brooks . The losing challenger was also named Roy Brooks.

Incumbent Roy Charles Brooks bested Roy LaVerne Brooks with 78 percent of the vote, according to Tarrant County's unofficial election results.

Both Brooks are Democrats.

"People may have momentary confusion about [our names], but people know me and know my record of service to this community," Roy Charles Brooks told earlier this month.

Voters apparently had no trouble distinguishing between the two candidates, whose middle names were printed on the ballot.

Under Texas law, they were also allowed a short slogan to be printed under their name on the ballot, said Steve Raborn, Tarrant County elections administrator.

The winning Brooks chose, "Twenty years precinct one."

Roy LaVerne Brooks, who is named after her father, decided to let her name stand on its own after she said her slogans, including "Your girl downtown" and "Advocate for the people," were rejected.

Tarrant County, touted as "the perfect mix of cowboys and culture" on its website, is an urban county in north central Texas. It includes the cities of Fort Worth and Arlington, and is home to 1.8 million residents.\

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