VP Vetting Not a Problem For Rep. Ryan

It is the most difficult thing about agreeing to be considered as a vice presidential candidate: the extensive vetting of your personal life, finances, family and entire political career. For some, it is reason enough to say "thanks, but no thanks" to being considered. One top contender, however, tells ABC News he would not mind going through that. "I don't worry about that sort of thing," Rep Paul Ryan, R-Wis., says an in interview for my ABC News/Yahoo "Power Players" series. "That doesn't bother me too much." The interview, which took place as Ryan raced between events in his Chevy Tahoe, can be seen here:

Whether or not he is asked to be the Republican vice presidential candidate, Ryan said he expects Mitt Romney to act on his controversial budget plan, which Democrats have vilified because it would make major changes to the Medicare program. "Mitt Romney obviously supports what we are doing," Ryan said. "He has proposed the same kind of Medicare reforms, he has proposed similar tax reforms." Asked directly if he expects a Romney to act on his budget as president, Ryan's answered, "Sure." As for this year, however, Ryan says he has given up on addressing the federal government's skyrocketing debt. "We have given up on the fact that the president is interested in moderating," Ryan said. "We think he just doubled down on his ideology and went far to the left." So nothing gets done this year? "I think on these big issues, the president has made that clear." As Democrats turn his budget into a central campaign issue, Ryan acknowledged it could be a tough election year for House Republicans. He agrees with Speaker of the House John Boehner who said there is a 1-in-3 chance Republicans could lose the House. "Yeah, I totally agree with that," Ryan said. But Ryan doesn't worry that Republicans who supported his plan may lose their House seats as a result. "If you are going to be good at these jobs in Congress, you have got to be willing to lose your job. You can't have your dominant thought being 'get re-elected, get re-elected' because then you are going to have more of what we've gotten," Ryan said.

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