Wild Things, Socialists, Biden's Rabbi Hilarity and a Gaffe-o-meter (The PM Note)

Obama Reads Where the Wild Things Are - http://abcn.ws/JnyTaR

Polls close in Indiana at 7 p.m. ET, in West Virginia at 7:30 p.m. ET, in Wisconsin for the Democratic primary recall at 9 p.m. ET and in North Carolina at 7:30 p.m. ET.

Indiana could provide an historic primary loss for the most senior Republican senator  - http://abcn.ws/IGocfu

Note to the Rest of the GOP Leadership - Mourdock Would Support Change to GOP Leadership - http://abcn.ws/IWKj0S

North Carolina, site of Democrat's convention later this summer, if as expected voters pass an anti-gay marriage amendment, could provide another angle to President Obama's Hamlet treatment of the gay marriage - http://abcn.ws/Jt2oW1

Why France has a Socialist president and the U.S. Does Not - Deep thoughts from Matt Negrin, including this quote: "It is pretty amazing that you get these pervasive hard times, and instead of appeals to the government to do something about it, we have this - the most active side is the anti-government," Wright said. "It's a challenge to make sense of that." http://abcn.ws/IVLOmF

Must-See - Welfare for Former Presidents - Jon Karl on Presidential Perks: Paying for Carter's postage, Bush's bills, and Clinton's rent -   http://yhoo.it/IXxQ0d

Veeps - Paul Ryan To Speak at Reagan Library -   http://abcn.ws/KjghYS

Christie Reaches Popularity Heights - http://abcn.ws/IVK9Xt

John Brennan Tells George Stephanopoulos - No Threat from Modified Underwear Bomb or Attempted Bomber - http://abcn.ws/KYtdTt

Joe Biden Walks Into a Room Full of Rabbis - hilarity ensues - http://abcn.ws/IGaN7m

But there were important policy points too - On Iran - Biden says a lack of pressure and appropriate sanctions under Bush meant "we were the problem."  When Obama took office, said Biden, "The international pressure on Iran was stuck in neutral. As a matter of fact, Iran's influence in the previous six years was growing in the region. Not diminishing, growing in the region….

On Israel - "We will prevent Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon by whatever means we need, period," the vice president said, pausing dramatically. "Period," he repeated.

On Ahmadeinejad and Khamenei - "They will not both be around two years from now, and my bet is Ahmadinejad is gone," Mr. Biden predicted.

Romney response from Lanhee Chen - "The problem is not America. It is the ayatollahs who oppress their people, threaten their neighbors, and are pursuing nuclear weapons. President Obama's naïve approach to Iran has given the regime valuable time to get closer than ever before to a nuclear weapons capability.

More from Tapper - http://abcn.ws/Jc6C5M

Romney Takes Credit for Auto Industry Recovery - in interview with ABC affiliate WEWS - "I pushed the idea of a managed bankruptcy, and finally when that was done and help was given, the companies got back on their feet, so I'll take a lot of credit for the fact that this industry's come back," Romney told WEWS . His OpEd which advocated for a managed bankruptcy has brought Romney a lot of heat. And the auto companies did ultimately undergo a bankruptcy. But they also got bailout funds Romney supported for Wall Street but opposed for Detroit. http://abcn.ws/IAHx34

This is a debatable point.  Which means it doesn't rate on our new meditation on campaign trail gaffes.

GaffoMeter - It's been brought to our attention that the press too often labels campaign moments as gaffes. Here's Matt Negrin on what is / isn't / should be a gaffe. "The truthfulness of a comment doesn't determine a gaffe, but rather the degree to which the candidate wishes he could turn back time and erase the comment from history." The high water mark for gaffes this year? Not Etch a Sketch or Nascar or anything from Mitt Romney. The Gaffe of the year so far is Obama's Dmitri Medvedev Open Mic - That gets a G plus plus - http://abcn.ws/KLWfTG

Idiots Guide to 'Sequestration' and Why Anybody Should Care - From John Parkinson - Back when Congress was trying to reach an agreement to raise the debt limit, leaders from both parties decided they'd only be able to work together with the threat of across-the-board spending cuts hanging over their heads. So they passed a bill in 2011 that pledged just such across-the-board cuts starting next year, which would affect social spending and the Pentagon budget if Congress couldn't find a way to work together to find a larger solution to Washington's problems. And now, after failing to reach that bigger solution, the drastic across-the-board cuts are looming. Congress is trying to find a way to undo some of the spending cuts on Capitol Hill before they take effect. They call it "sequestration" for shorthand, and the automatic budget cuts would drastically reduce social spending and lead to the smallest U.S. military since 1940. But which priority should be saved? http://abcn.ws/LDhQTK

For all of Obama's Electioneering, Student Loans are Going Nowhere Fast on Capitol Hill - http://abcn.ws/IIileR

So the president gave the Congress a campaign year "to-do list" - http://abcn.ws/JbY1mZ

Scott Brown Goes After Elizabeth Warren on Native American Heritage - Brown Statement - ""Serious questions have been raised about the legitimacy of Elizabeth Warren's claims to Native American ancestry and whether it was appropriate for her to assume minority status as a college professor," the statement said. "The best way to satisfy these questions is for Elizabeth Warren to authorize the release of her law school applications and all personnel files from the various universities where she has taught." http://abcn.ws/JbRbhi

Which Candidate Does Your Favorite Sports Team Support? - Hint: The NBA leans left. The NFL leans right - http://abcn.ws/JQOoDD

Kirk's Emotional Video - 15 weeks after Sen. Mark Kirk's stroke, the 52-year-old released a video today recounting his road to recovery - http://abcn.ws/IXq3w3

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