McCain's Straight Talk Express Targets Adelson's Casino Cash

John McCain, the former GOP nominee whom President Obama has gone praised in comparing him with Mitt Romney, speaks his mind on PBS about the biggest Republican super PAC funder:

"Much of Mr. Adelson's casino profits that go to him come from his casino in Macau, which says that obviously, maybe in a roundabout way, foreign money is coming into an American political campaign," McCain said in an interview on PBS's News Hour.

"That is a great deal of money, and we need a level playing field and we need to go back to the realization… that we have to have a limit on the flow of money, and corporations are not people," he said.

McCain has gone through all the formalities of endorsing Romney, but it's been a bumpy ride. Notably, his quote here that "corporations are not people" is the definitive opposite of Romney's "corporations are people, my friend."

The main point, of course, which Democrats are already sending around, is that the campaign finance reform hawk isn't crazy about Romney's super PAC getting a recent $10 million donation from Sheldon Adelson, the Vegas casino tycoon who almost single-handedly kept Newt Gingrich's bid afloat by giving millions to his super PAC during the primary.

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