Obama Eats Across America, A Student Loan Deal, Dems Skipping Dem Convention, Old Bulls with Primaries (PM Note)

Today's Meme - Democrats Skipping Democratic Convention - Let's not forget that Claire McCaskill was a key Obama surrogate in 2008 - http://abcn.ws/KLnYti

Last Minute Deal - 5 Days Before Student Loans Spike, A Deal Takes Shape on Capitol Hill - More evidence Congress is like a procrastinating high school study group. Sunlen Miller reports: Congress is starting to see some light at the end of the student loan impasse tunnel. Both the Democratic and Republican leaders in the Senate today announced that a deal is almost complete to avoid student loan rates from doubling on July 1. Asterisk - We're not sure how it's paid for, exactly, and the House GOP hasn't signed off. Other than that. http://abcn.ws/LzYK2u

Odds of Individual Mandate Being Overturned? Intrade Says 76 percent - - http://abcn.ws/LNi33g (Amy Bingham)

Old Bulls With Primaries - Tonight We'll Be Watching Orrin Hatch and Charlie Rangel - http://abcn.ws/Ol9f9M (Elizabeth Hartfield)

Why You'll Never See Obama Eat Salad - "Mr. President, how do you keep your waistline?" a woman asked at a New Hampshire ice cream shop Monday.

"I don't have them that often," Obama replied, digging into a sundae.

Fact Check! - Today he was getting chili dogs - http://abcn.ws/Lq2vkH

The guy isn't just campaigning for President, he seems to be hitting every local dive in sight. http://abcn.ws/MSOBeW

Question - Have you ever seen a picture of Barack Obama eating salad? You haven't. If you've got one, send it to us.

Amy Walter explains why Obama can't eat healthy in public. Remember the Iowa Arugula incident?

"Plus, what a president eats says something about how he sees the future prospects for the country. Ice cream cone = sunshine and happy days. Wheat-grass smoothie = more scrimping and belt-tightening on the horizon."

The whole enchilada - http://abcn.ws/MZ6R2z

Romney Says If Obamacare Is Struck Down, Obama's Term Was Wasted - http://abcn.ws/KByPBu (Emily Friedman)

Obama Defends Healthcare Law: 'It's the Right Thing to Do' - http://abcn.ws/MQARj5 (Devin Dwyer)

'Never Say Never' - Herman Cain's advice for Mitt Romney on VP pick - http://yhoo.it/LyoU3H White House Takes Pride in Obama Mockery of Boston Red Sox- The White House today took issue with those taking issue with President Obama's mockery of the Boston Red Sox last night. At a fundraiser at Symphony Hall in Boston last night, President Obama - an ardent Chicago White Sox fan - thanked Beantown for their beloved former baseball star Kevin Youkilis, a Gold Glove award winning first baseman nicknamed "Euclis: The Greek God of Walks" by Michael Lewis in Moneyball. http://abcn.ws/KZYXfq (Jake Tapper)

Oreo Pride: Rainbow-Stuffed Cookie Sparks Boycott -America's favorite cookie is stirring up more than milk today after Kraft Foods posted a gay pride Oreo on the cookie's Facebook page. http://abcn.ws/LpDeHu (Amy Bingham)

How Darrel Issa Got His Groove Back - http://abcn.ws/MygHwN (Matt Negrin)

Is Obama's Foreign Policy More Like Carter's or Bush Sr.'s? - In the last few days, two eminence gris from the foreign policy community have weighed in on President Obama's record, and the remarks are quite telling. http://abcn.ws/LN2jgp (Jake Tapper)

Famous People with Immigration Issues - From Charlize Theron to Charlie Chaplin - http://abcn.ws/MSQnfT

The Immigration Run-Around - Romney continued to rail against Obama's immigration policy today. But we're still not sure if he supports the Arizona law or not - http://abcn.ws/MVJNBX (Matt Negrin)

Secrets and Scandals of First Ladies - http://abcn.ws/OspdjG

Veep Beat: Contenders on Arizona Immigration Ruling- http://abcn.ws/LNq8q2 (Arlette Saenz)

Obama TV Ads in Ohio, Iowa, Virginia Label Romney 'Outsourcer-in-Chief' - BOSTON - Continuing to capitalize on a Washington Post report on Mitt Romney's ties to outsourcing, the Obama campaign is launching state-specific TV ads in Ohio, Iowa and Virginia that accuse the presumptive Republican nominee of a history of shipping U.S. jobs overseas. http://abcn.ws/MOPQtN (Devin Dwyer)

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