Rob Portman Weighs In on Supreme Court Immigration Ruling

After a day of silence on today's Supreme Court ruling on immigration, Ohio Sen. Rob Portman finally weighed in.

Portman said that while he had not had a chance to read through the case, he believed "the federal government has let us down."

Portman took direct aim at President Obama, saying he had failed to deliver a comprehensive immigration proposal in the first year of his presidency, as promised, and so states were forced to take the initiative.

"They still haven't done it and so the answer is to have a sensible immigration plan at the national level to help move the country forward," Portman told ABC News. "That's something that we need, a new leader."

When asked whether he is being vetted for the Republican vice presidential slot, Portman issued his standard answer:

"I'm happy where I am. I really am," Portman said this evening in downtown Washington, D.C. "I'm fortunate to represent our state in the Senate and that's where I intend to stay."

Portman was on his way into a fundraiser for Mitt Romney. He appeared there alongside House Budget Chairman Paul Ryan, who is also considered to be on a short list of vice presidential candidates.

Tickets for tonight's fundraiser ranged from $100 for the general reception to $5,000 for a co-chair.

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