Romney Curiously Mum on Walker Recall Election

DALLAS - For a candidate who could get a boost if Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker manages to keep his job after today's recall election, presumptive GOP nominee Mitt Romney has stayed curiously quiet mum on the election since he last visited the state more than two months ago.

Prior to a campaign swing in Wisconsin in late March and early April, Romney came out strongly on behalf of Walker, telling voters from the state during a tele-townhall that he thinks Walker is an "excellent governor."

"I support the governor in his effort to rein in the excesses that have permeated the public sector union and government negotiations over the years," said Romney during the March call.

As Romney weaved in and out of small towns and cities across Wisconsin with Rep. Paul Ryan by his side, Romney mentioned Walker's struggle to voters and even dropped by a phone bank making calls on the governor's behalf.

At a town hall in Green Bay, Romney referred to Walker as a "real champion" and a "real fighter."

By the time Romney reached Fitchburg, he gushed, "What an extraordinary man, what a guy!"

"I had the privilege of campaigning for Scott Walker and care very deeply about his election," Romney said at the phone bank. "I anticipate that I will get to do that again and look forward to helping him."

But Romney has not returned to Wisconsin since, and there are no specifics as to what he's done to help Walker as he "anticipated" that day in April.

A spokesman for the Romney campaign did not immediately respond to a request for comment on what Romney has done to help Walker since then, or whether he has reached out to Walker today.

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