Romney Tailors 'First 100 Days' Ads to Swing States

Mitt Romney's campaign released four ads Friday morning specifically tailored to the battleground states of Iowa, Ohio, North Carolina and Virginia.

The 30-second ads, each titled, "100 Days" followed by the corresponding state name, explain how Romney would handle the important issues of each state within his first 100 days in office. Three of the four ads, excluding Ohio's, mention Romney's commitment to repealing President Obama's health care plan. Voters in Virginia and Iowa will see how Romney plans to slash the deficit on day one, with "$20 billion in savings."

The Iowa ad says Romney will work on balancing the budget and that his first 100 days will result in "fewer worries about their future and their children's future" for the people of Iowa. The ad in industrial based Ohio emphasizes Romney's commitment to stand up to China, repealing regulations restricting the energy industry, and creating "a better place to do business as we see more factories and jobs coming back."

North Carolina voters will hear that Romney will move to cut taxes, stabilize the economy and promote new jobs in the banking and technology sectors, and the Virginia ad relays to voters Romney's willingness to reverse President Obama's ban on offshore drilling, a move Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell supports.

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