Romney's Coin, Ben Bernanke's So-Called Fiscal Cliff, Bill Clinton's Wall Street, Dancing Joe Biden, Boo or Dew (PM Note)

In Clinton, a Surrogate From the World of the Romneys - Clinton today apologized for his call to extend tax cuts. And while he says a Romney presidency would be calamitous, he won't back off his defense of Romney's business career. And why not - CGI gets millions from hedge funds and people like Romney - More from Matt Negrin -

Jeb Bush Offers Some Praise to Obama - Jeb Bush repeated his promise not to be Mitt Romney's running mate, saying "under no circumstances" would he be on the ticket in November, even as he paused to give President Obama some praise in the area of education reform. (Shushannah Walshe)

Ben Bernanke's "So-Called" Fiscal Cliff - "If You All Go on Vacation It's Still Going to Happen" - The Fed Chairman had a dry wit today as he said the fate of the economy is in the hands of Congress. He said the single biggest item making up the fiscal cliff is the potential expiration of the so-called Bush tax cuts. If everything else were held constant, he said, the expirations alone would have adverse effects on spending and growth in the economy that would be significant. "I'm not necessarily saying that the right thing to do is to extend those cuts," he added. "It could be there are other steps you could take that would have a similar impact. But that is the single biggest component of the so-called cliff." (Sunlen Miller)

"We Got Beat" - Romney Campaign Out-raises Obama By $16.8 Million In May - For the first time this year, Mitt Romney's campaign has bested President Obama's re-election effort in a one-month fundraising period, outraising the Democrats by more than $16 million in May. Obama emails supporters admitting, "we got beat." (Michael Falcone & Devin Dwyer)

Obamacare - More than 60 percent of Americans say undo the individual mandate -

Romneycare - 60 percent of Massachusetters Like the law -

Incoming! The Potential Campaign Torpedoes Beyond Obama's Control- Economy! Greece! Spain! Bibi! - George's Power Players Bottom Line - We're just about five months from Election Day and thus far the biggest thing to happen in this campaign was Friday's dismal jobs reports. The economy is far and away the biggest issue and that weak jobs report underscores how little President Obama can do to help himself in his reelection efforts. - (George Stephanopoulos)

Congress Warns Intel Leaks Put 'Lives at Risk' - Top Democrats and Republicans today demanded an end to leaks of classified intelligence because, they said, the leaks are putting lives at risk and jeopardizing future operations. - (John Parkinson & Sunlen Miller)

'Boo' or 'Dew'? Rick Perry Booed for Dewhurst Support - Texas Gov. Rick Perry was met with jeers today at the Texas GOP Convention in Fort Worth after he expressed support for Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst in the Texas Senate primary race. But it seems the governor thought the set of boos was actually a supportive round of "Dew." (Arlette Saenz)

Dancing Veep: Joe Biden Dances the Hora- (Arlette Saenz)

Not Dancing GHWB - George S. Learns That Not Knowing How to Dance Led George H.W.B. to Barbara - (George Stephanopoulos)

Romney Hits Obama on 'Moral' Economic Failure - Mitt Romney today declared that the floundering economy under President Obama is not just a "failure of policy" but a "moral failure of tragic proportion," though he offered few new details as to what he would do differently as president. (Emily Friedman)

Nancy Pelosi Has High Praise for George W. Bush - Democratic House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi had kind words for former Republican President George W. Bush on Wednesday, calling him "really a lovely man" even though "we disagreed in policy." - (Amy Bingham)

Did the Jungle Primary Work? - We won't know 'til November -

How 'Blind' Is Your Trust? - Following the release of Mitt Romney's personal financial disclosurelast week with the FEC, the Obama campaign is raising new questions about the candidate's transparency and potential financial conflicts of interest in his bid for the presidency. (Devin Dwyer)

Michelle Obama, Ann Romney Go Solo on Campaign Trail - While their husbands were filling their war chests in Western states, Michelle Obama and Ann Romney demonstrated their own campaigning prowess on Wednesday, making some of their first solo appearances at campaign events on the other side of the country. (Devin Dwyer, Shushannah Walshe, Amy Bingham)

Mortgage Rates Keep Going Down - Six Week Streak of Record Lows - The average rate on 30-year mortgage dropped to record-low of 3.67 percent, while the 15-year rate is down to 2.94 percent. (Zunaira Zaki)

Sen. Sanders: Fund Dental Care With Trading Tax - Everyone agrees that more American kids need dental care. But nobody seems to agree on how to pay for it. A new proposal by Sen. Bernie Sanders, D-Vt., would create a new tax on Wall Street and use the proceeds to extend comprehensive dental coverage to all Medicare, Medicaid and VA beneficiaries. It would also increase funding for school-based dental services and oral health professional student loans, as well as free up resources to establish mobile dental units, emergency room care coordination programs and initiatives recruiting dental professionals to low-income areas. (Meghan Kiesel)

Obama Pitches Jobs Plan in Battleground State - Following a dismal May jobs report, President Obama's re-election campaign has retooled its economic pitch in battleground states, putting renewed emphasis on the American Jobs Act and a Congress that has refused to enact it. (Devin Dwyer)

Scott Walker's Brats and Beers: A Guide to Bipartisan Bonding-Walker, who survived a recall election on Tuesday, stated in an address yesterday that "In fact next week, I'm going to invite all the members of the state legislature, Republican and Democrat alike, and what better way to bring people together than some brats and burgers, am I right?" Amid cheers, he continued, "And maybe a little good Wisconsin beer as well." As political scientist Joe Heim said, "Having brats and beer with Democrats are baby steps." It never hurt anyone to try a fresh start, though, and there are a few things Walker can certainly use to bring Wisconsinites together, even in the most divisive of times. (Meghan Kiesel)

Millions to Fight IEDs in Pakistan Wasted -

Boy Scouts May Drop Gay Ban -

Petition Authored By High Schoolers Seeks Woman to Moderate Presidential Debate -

Jeb Bush Calls Father 'My Total Hero,' Brother 'Principled' - ORLANDO - Jeb Bush called his father "my total hero" in an interview that aired this morning, pointing out that the former president treats everyone he meets with kindness and that he's the "full package." (Shushannah Walshe)

GOP Livestream Shows Obamacare Petition Printing - In what may be the most riveting livestream of the century, people who oppose Obamacare can not only sign an online petition to repeal the health care law, but also watch a live web camera shot of their petition printing. (Amy Bingham)

Bradley Manning Trial: Damage Assessment - In the Private Bradley Manning Wikileaks trial, today the court will hear from three State Department officials who will testify as part of the defense motion for discovery of damage assessments. (Serena Marshall)

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