The Note's Must-Reads for Friday, June 29, 2012

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Compiled by ABC News' Jayce Henderson and Amanda VanAllen

HEALTH CARE ABC News' Matt Negrin and Ariane de Vogue: " Supreme Court Health Care Ruling: The Mandate Can Stay" In a landmark ruling with wide-ranging implications, the Supreme Court today upheld the so-called individual mandate requiring Americans to buy health insurance or pay a penalty, the key part of President Obama's signature health care law. LINK

The New York Times' Jeff Zeleny: " G.O.P. Vowing to Take Battle Over Health Care Law Into November" Mitt Romney and other Republicans who oppose the health care law are looking ahead to one remaining avenue of appeal: the ballot box in November. Taken aback by the Supreme Court ruling on Thursday that upheld the constitutionality of the law, Mr. Romney and Congressional Republicans pledged to intensify their efforts to repeal it, an argument that will be a crucial element of the party's quest to galvanize conservative activists and win control of the White House and the Senate. LINK

Bloomberg's Kathleen Hunter and Roxana Tiron: " Republicans Pledge Push For Repeal After Health Ruling" Vowing to repeal President Barack Obama's landmark 2010 health-care overhaul, congressional Republicans said they will try to use the Supreme Court's decision today to their advantage in the November election. House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, a Virginia Republican, announced that the Republican-controlled chamber would vote again July 11 to repeal the law upheld by the court today, as Republicans in both chambers took aim at the taxes and fees in what they've termed "Obamacare." LINK

Boston Globe's Brian MacQuarrie and Matt Viser: " Ruling frames Obama battle with Romney" The Supreme Court's 5-4 ruling on Thursday to uphold the country's sweeping health care overhaul affected the presidential race almost immediately, with President Obama praising the decision as a landmark boon that will help all Americans and Mitt Romney pledging to make repeal his first priority as president. How voters respond to those contradictory analyses could determine who wins the election. "They have reaffirmed a fundamental principle," Obama said of the high court. "If you're an American, in the wealthiest nation on earth, no illness or accident" should lead to financial ruin. LINK

The Los Angeles Times' Paul West: " Supreme Court healthcare ruling gives Obama a political boost" The Supreme Court's surprise healthcare ruling was a lift for President Obama, preventing what would have been an embarrassing setback in an election year. And it came from an unexpected source - a conservative jurist whose confirmation Obama voted against as a senator. LINK

USA Today's Aamer Madhani, Jackie Kucinich and Susan Page: " Analysis: Victory for Obama now, but what of election?" After the health care law passed in 2010, President Obama and his aides celebrated the passage of his signature achievement with a toast on the Truman Balcony at the White House. When the Supreme Court announced its landmark decision Thursday that upheld most of the law, the response was more muted. LINK

PRESIDENT OBAMA Politico's Glenn Thrush and Reid Epstein: " For Obama, SCOTUS victory just first step" One victory on health care won't quite cut it for Barack Obama in 2012. Obama and his political team know they need to leverage Thursday's historic Supreme Court win into a second victory, one that has eluded him for three frustrating years: A compelling health care reform message that transforms nagging political liabilities into an election-year asset. LINK

The New York Daily News' Kristen A. Lee: " Obama campaign official: We could lose this elec tion" President Barack Obama's campaign is issuing a dramatic warning to its supporters: We could lose this election. "If we're drastically outspent in this election, there's a very good chance we will lose to Mitt Romney," deputy campaign manager Julianna Smoot wrote in an email to supporters Wednesday night. "This is a distinct possibility. LINK

The Wall Street Journal's Carol E. Lee and Naftali Bendavid: " Obama's Big Political Win Sets Stage for More Battles" President Barack Obama won a monumental legal victory Thursday when the Supreme Court upheld the vast majority of his health-care law, but the fight for public opinion-and votes in November-showed signs of growing more heated. Mr. Obama can argue that he has secured long-held Democratic goals: Expanding health insurance to millions of additional Americans and limiting the power of insurers to deny coverage. LINK

MITT ROMNEY The Washington Post's Karen Tumulty and Nia-Malika Henderson: " Health-care ruling motivates Romney supporters" If conservatives needed any more motivation to unseat President Obama, they got it Thursday from the Supreme Court, which provided fresh political opportunities for Mitt Romney even as it handed the president a legal victory. LINK

OBAMA&ROMNEY The Hills' Justin Sink: " New Obama super-PAC ad: Romney 'drowned' companies in debt" The super-PAC supporting President Obama's reelection effort released a new television commercial Thursday doubling down on harsh criticism of Republican challenger Mitt Romney's business record. The ad, from Priorities USA, looks to highlight a report this weekend in The New York Times that Bain Capital often made millions during Romney's tenure, even when companies the firm had invested in and taken over went bankrupt. LINK The Washington Times' Seth McLaughlin: " Romney: To kill health law, Obama must go" Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney said Thursday that the Supreme Court ruling upholding President Obama's health care law means that the only way now to remove the law is to remove the president in the November election. "This is a time of choice for the American people. Our mission is clear: If we want to get rid of Obamacare, we have to replace President Obama," Mr. Romney said, during a brief press conference across the street from the U.S. Capitol. LINK

ABC NEWS VIDEOS " Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi talks with ABC's Jonathan Karl about the Supreme Court's ruling" LINK " Mitt Romney: Obamacare 'Is Bad Law'" LINK

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