The Note's Must-Reads for Wednesday, June 20, 2012

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Compiled by ABC News' Jayce Henderson and Amanda VanAllen

PRESIDENT OBAMA: The Hill's Amie Parnes: " Obama: EU crisis could 'have impact' on reelection chances" President Obama said Tuesday that the economic crisis in Europe could "have some impact" on his reelection chances in November. "I think it's fair to say that all these issues, economic issues, will potentially have some impact on the election," Obama told reporters at a press conference in Los Cabos, Mexico wrapping up the G20 summit. "But that's not my biggest concern right now." LINK

The Los Angeles Times' Michael Memoli: " Obama dismisses Romney campaign criticism on European crisis" Declaring that there is only "one president at a time," President Obama dismissed criticism from Mitt Romney's campaign over his handling of the European economic crisis and suggested his rival's team had commented without full knowledge of the situation. LINK

Politico's Jennifer Epstein and Reid J. Epstein: " Obama warns Romney on foreign policy" President Barack Obama says Mitt Romney's campaign advisers should quit criticizing him on foreign policy - especially since they don't know what they're talking about. During a brief news conference held Tuesday night to wrap up the two-day G-20 conference with world leaders here, the president rebuffed a mention of an op-ed last month published in Handelsblatt, Germany's leading business newspaper, by Romney economic adviser R. Glenn Hubbard. LINK

MITT ROMNEY / MARCO RUBIO: ABC News' Jonathan Karl: " So, What's up with Marco Rubio?" This morning, I reported that Mitt Romney had not asked Marco Rubio to take the first steps in the vice presidential vetting process. As my report said, "He has not been asked to complete any questionnaires or been asked to turn over any financial documents typically required of potential vice presidential candidates." LINK

The Washington Times' Seth McLaughlin: " Anti-Obama sentiment fueling Romney on campaign trail" Mitt Romney's six-state bus swing through small cities and towns in New England, the Rust Belt and the industrial Midwest served as a clear reminder that his biggest ally in the presidential race is also his biggest foe: President Obama. LINK

The Wall Street Journal's Colleen McCain Nelson: " Clues Emerge on Romney's VP Pick" Speculation about Mitt Romney's running mate has kicked up a notch, as one possibility seemed to remove himself from the running, another took a more central role in the campaign and a third saw Mr. Romney confirm him as a serious contender. LINK

The Washington Post's Philip Rucker: " Mitt Romney receives new found enthusiasm from Republicans" Mitt Romney is still awkward sometimes, a bit robotic and stilted at the lectern. But a turnabout seems to be happening: Voters say they are seeing him through a new prism."He's not stiff. He's letting his own human nature through, talking like you and I are talking now, not guarded and watching what he'd say," Marge Sowa, 69, said of the Republican presidential candidate after sizing him up at a pancake breakfast in Brunswick, Ohio, during his tour of potential battleground states. LINK

Bloomberg's John McCormick: " Romney Wraps Up Six-State Bus Campaign in Native Michigan" Ann Romney uttered a line yesterday that probably will be heard repeatedly in speeches she and her husband make on the presidential campaign trail. "We're Midwesterners at heart," she told hundreds of supporters as Mitt Romney, the presumptive Republican nominee, stood by her side in Frankenmuth, Michigan. LINK

The Boston Globe's Mary Carmichael: " No fruition for Romney on major higher ed plans" Mitt Romney rarely visited the University of Massachusetts as governor, but on July 18, 2005, he called a news conference at the system's Boston campus. It was sweltering out, but he barely broke a sweat. Standing in an underground parking garage so dilapidated it endangered the buildings above, he pledged $50 million for repairs. LINK

DONORS / FUNDRAISING / OTHER: USA Today's Fredreka Schouten: " Democrats, GOP debate political non-profits' donors" The advertising onslaught against Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill has been unrelenting - nearly $7.1 million from outside groups determined to defeat the first-term Democrat in an election still five months away. Nearly all the money - $6.8 million - has come from non-profit groups that don't disclose their donors' identities. LINK

The New York Times' Peter Baker and Michael Cooper: " In Romney and Obama Speeches, Selective Truths" To listen to Mitt Romney tell it, President Obama is a job-killing, free-spending, big-government liberal who made the recession worse with his policies and endangered free-market capitalism. The president has spent tax dollars "at a pace without precedent in recent history," Mr. Romney says, and "added almost as much debt as all the prior presidents combined." LINK

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