Where in America Is Mitt Romney?

By Meghan Kiesel

Jun 18, 2012 11:19am
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Mitt Romney’s campaign bus has been traversing America on his “Every Town Counts” bus tour this weekend. Check out what you missed while you were celebrating dads:

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View Travels With Mitt: Mapping the Romney Battleground Bus Tour (ABC News) in a larger map

“HAVE YOU BEAT OBAMA, YET?” – Romney’s 4-year-old grandson Nate asked the nominee Sunday. What, not enough fun on the tour bus to keep a 4-year-old going?

AXELROD SLAMS HECKLERS – Obama’s senior strategist berated hecklers that showed up on Romney’s tour route this weekend, tweeting, “Shouting folks down is their tactic, not ours.”

ANN ROMNEY IGNORES “DISTRACTERS” – Ann Romney powered through an introduction of her husband in Ohio despite hecklers. Raising all those kids does give you a superhuman amount of patience, after all.

THE SUN’LL COME OUT TOMORROW - Romney tells rain-soaked Ohio supporters the sun’s coming out in America.

“GIVE HIM A LITTLE BIT MORE HELL” – Some Republican voters turn out to show support for Romney “because he’s not Obama.”

GOV. CORBETT: FOR VP, PICK A GOVERNOR (BUT NOT ME): Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett weighs in on the veepstakes short list.

MITT PLANS TO TAKE PA. – Romney says he’ll win Pennsylvania in November despite Obama’s 10-point win there in 2008.

ROMNEY JOKES WITH THE PRESS, OBAMA CALLS FOUL – Obama condemns Romney’s too-close-to-home practical joke.

THANKFULLY, PENNSYLVANIA HAS PLENTY OF WAWAS  - After protesters showed up at a planned stop at a Wawa (the gas station and convenience store chain) in Pennsylvania Saturday, Romney skipped around them entirely by stopping at another Wawa three miles away.

ROMNEY: OBAMA ‘HOPING TO CHANGE THE SUBJECT’ – Romney slams Obama on the economy, claiming the president isn’t as interested in talking about the economy as Romney is.

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