$100 Million, Bro, Obama Buys Peaches, Which Makes Us Eat Crow, Mitt's Speedboat, Barack's Bus (PM Note)

$100 Million, Bro - Romney and the RNC raised north of $100 Million in June - Here's how we know - RNC's political director tweeted: ".@Messina2012, check this out bro, we raised north of $100 million in June I'm assuming u & Axe will need beers 2night bro." http://abcn.ws/MXSdNG

Obama Buys Fruits and Veggies, ABC's Political Unit Eats Crow - Late last month we published a story on how we had never seen photographic evidence of Barack Obama, who we've heard is a health nut, eating anything healthy. Amy Walter argued that you'd never see him go any place food related but Diners, Drive-ins and Dives during the campaign. Those places make people think of good times and fun. We thought he'd try to avoid the 2008 Iowa arugula problem. Read that here - http://abcn.ws/NbayFY

But we were proven wrong (with an asterisk) today, when the president went to Berman Orchards in Catawaba, Ohio. We're told he bought peaches and corn, strawberries and cherries. There are pictures of him carrying the healthy food in plastic grocery bags.

So we'll happily accept that the president has now been seen publicly in the presence of the healthy fare.

But we're still waiting for him to eat the peach or the corn on camera. In fact, our Mary Bruce in Ohio wrote that while he visited the market, he actually at a burger and fries for lunch. So there! - http://abcn.ws/NbaVR6

Mitt Drop Jetski for Speedboat - http://abcn.ws/M7F0OO Obama on Marriage - "Just Do Whatever She Tells You" - http://abcn.ws/OaHo7H

Personal Attacks - Axelrod to ABC: Romney 'Most Secretive Candidate' Since Nixon- Senior Obama campaign strategist David Axelrod tells ABC's Ann Compton Mitt Romney is "the most secretive candidate that we've seen, frankly, since Richard Nixon." (It had to do with the Obama campaigns new line of attack on Romney's millions) http://abcn.ws/Nq6vnZ

Bus Tour, Day One - The Theme for Obama was "Betting on America" - and everything was predicated on here versus everywhere else - http://abcn.ws/PfqABf

Challenging Romney on Off-Shore Accounts- http://abcn.ws/MByKDI Challenging China on Auto Tarriffs - http://abcn.ws/MLXCYM (Devin Dwyer)

Democracy in Action - Town Votes to Save 18-inch Handlebar Moustache - http://abcn.ws/N9qUvy

Cut and Paste - Romney Camapign Offers Same Statement to Different Stories - http://abcn.ws/N9qJ37

Mitt Romney, Clumsy on Health Care, Falls Into Predicted Trap - Mitt Romney is facing the backlash from conservatives publications like the Wall Street Journal and the Weekly Standard that his opponents predicted in the primary, and it isn't pretty. http://abcn.ws/MBiHGa (Matt Negrin)

More on that WSJ Editorial - On Tax vs. Penalty, paper says Romney looks ""confused in addition to being politically dumb." http://abcn.ws/OtwRrX (Friedman)

Goofy - Richard Posner Tells NPR - "I've become less conservative since the Republican Party started becoming goofy, http://n.pr/OaUcuE

Obamacare 'Here to Stay' - Obama's Campaign sopkesman said today the Supreme Court was wrong to save the president's health law by declaring that it's penalty is a tax. That only fueled the war of semantics with Republicans. But today the President suggested he'll take the victory. He said the law 'is here to stay.' - http://abcn.ws/Nbeqa7

Would Romney Still Appoint a Justice in the Mold of Roberts? - In a TV interview, Mitt Romney stressed his disagreement with the Supreme Court's ruling to uphold President Obama's health care law, even criticizing Chief Justice John Roberts for reaching "a conclusion I think that was not accurate and not an appropriate conclusion." http://abcn.ws/N8A4IF (Shushannah Walshe)

Richard Carmona Administers Impromptu Medical Exam to Opposition Tracker - The Hippocratic Oath has triumphed over politics in Arizona. Democratic Senate candidate and former U.S. Surgeon General Richard Carmona evidently still believes in it. Carmona performed an impromptu medical exam Wednesday on a campaign tracker, who has been following Carmona at public events with a camera, in the apparent hopes of catching the candidate doing or saying something that could be used against him. http://abcn.ws/Nb2q8L (Chris Good)

Pro-Romney Super PAC Going for Gold-The pro-Romney super PAC Restore Our Future announced Thursday they are launching a $7.2 million ad buy to run during the London Olympics later this month. http://abcn.ws/NaIgvs (Shushannah Walshe)

Ann Romney Believes Obama Strategy Is 'Kill Romney' - Ann Romney says the Obama campaign's strategy for this race is: "Kill Romney." In an interview with CBS that aired Thursday, Mrs. Romney was asked how she feels about the attacks her husband encounters on the campaign trail. http://abcn.ws/LR3lvk (Shushannah Walshe)

Tale of Two Bus Tours: After Romney's Offensive, Obama Hits Friendly Turf - Unlike Mitt Romney's recent bus tour, President Obama's upcoming roadtrip might feel more like a homestand. On Tuesday his campaign announced a two-day bus tour through Pennsylvania and Ohio, which will take him across some friendly turf. Not only did Obama win those two states in 2008, he'll stop in counties that supported him: The president has four scheduled public appearances, each one in a county he carried in 2008. http://abcn.ws/NorEPo (Chris Good)

Joe the Plumber: Obama Should Be 'Embarrassed to Come Here' on Bus Tour - The last time Samuel Wurzelbacher, a plumber from Ohio, attended an Obama campaign rally four years ago, he earned the nickname " Joe the Plumber" and became an icon of Sen. John McCain's 2008 presidential campaign when he questioned then-candidate Obama about his tax plan. http://abcn.ws/NBUr0C (Amy Bingham)

How a Senate Liberal Found Popularity in Purple Ohio - Sherrod Brown is one of the more liberal members of Congress. The senior senator from Ohio is a strong supporter of unions and gay rights, and he was a leading voice in Washington to get the public option passed as part of the health care bill. http://abcn.ws/NBUae4 (Matt Negrin)

6 Things to Watch on President Obama's Bus Tour - As President Obama hits the road for his first campaign bus tour of the 2012 election season, here are six things to watch during the two-day, two-state trip : message, itinerary, companions, menu, Romney rebuttal, wild card http://abcn.ws/L1W7VS (Devin Dwyer)

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