A Gun Control Reboot?, Star of Romney Ad Got Govt. Help, Rubio to Campaign for Romney in Nevada (PM Note)

Watch This - Ice T - America's Gun Rights Ambassador to England - http://abcn.ws/LJl4Wr

More Signs Democrats Have Lost Their Stomach for Gun Control - The guy who as a presidential candidate bragged of being the author of the lapsed assault weapons ban - Joe Biden - addressed a group of police officials today that had previously endorsed it and didn't bring it up. http://abcn.ws/MEgTN2

Say What? Gun Control Supporters Seek Reboot after Political Inaction - Dan Gross, president of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, has no qualms about stating his view of the obvious: Efforts to enact gun control legislation aren't working. If you ask Gross if he still supports an assault weapons ban like the one that has languished for 8 years since lapsing, he'll say, "I wouldn't say that we do or don't at this point. I would say what we need to do is consider all of the solutions." http://abcn.ws/MAvwPF

They'll focus the effort, which won't mention the Brady Campaign, at http://wearebettterthanthis.org

Romney said now is not the time for politics. But he was pushed by Kudlow on the Massachusetts assault weapons ban he signed into law. That, he said, was a consensus piece of legislation.

"Where there are opportunities for people of reasonable minds to come together and find common ground, that's the kind of legislation I like. The idea of one party jamming through something over the objection of the other tends to divide the nation, not make us a more safe and prosperous place. So if there's common ground, why I'm always willing to have that kind of a conversation," Romney said. http://abcn.ws/M6gd30 (Walshe)

Back to Politics as Usual? - Amy Walter wrote this morning the campaigns were still on pause. That lasted until about mid-morning. There was never any truce, really, but while the candidates stayed out of the fray, surrogates, starting with David Axelrod, got back in the mud. - http://abcn.ws/Oj7SFg

A Brief Video History of Obama Going Negative- This election cycle's barrage of negative campaigning has gotten a lot of attention lately."All those negative ads don't matter. When you come together, you cannot be stopped," President Obama told supporters at a campaign event in Jacksonville, Florida. http://abcn.ws/MWuoSm (Jake Tapper)

Star of Romney 'My Hands' Ad Built Company With His Hands… and a Bunch of Tax Exempt Govt. Bonds - http://abcn.ws/O0CsH8

The New Hampshire Union Leader's John DiStato today reports that in 1999 the business in question, Gilchrist Metal, "received $800,000 in tax-exempt revenue bonds issued by the New Hampshire Business Finance Authority 'to set up a second manufacturing plant and purchase equipment to produce high definition television broadcasting equipment'…" http://abcn.ws/O0CsH8 (Jake Tapper)

With Both Candidates at VFW This Week - Reminder - It's the First Election Since 1944 Where Nobody with Military Service is on Ballot - http://abcn.ws/Ocoxw5

President Obama Praises Self for Ending War in Iraq on Bloodiest Day of the Year in That Country - Is it bad timing or irrelevant? President Obama's campaign today released a video praising the president for ending the war in Iraq. It turns out that today has proven to be the deadliest day of the year in that country. http://abcn.ws/OkPMkz (Jake Tapper)

'The Game's Out There, And It's Play or Be Played' - Obama Campaign Holding Fundraiser with the Cast of 'The Wire' - The Obama campaign is holding a fundraiser with the cast of HBO's award-winning show "The Wire," according to an invitation obtained by the Sunlight Foundation's "Party Time." http://abcn.ws/P3lnuJ (Jake Tapper)

Rubio Will Campaign for Romney at His Old Las Vegas Elementary School - http://abcn.ws/Mjvp8r (Saenz)

Bookmark - Romney's Foreign Trip - Emily Friedman's breakdown of where he's going, what he's doing, and why we care - http://abcn.ws/MjwPzV

Obama Campaign Pressures Romney for Policy Specifics on Foreign Trip - Officials speaking for President Obama's campaign today challenged Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney to provide clarity and specifics about his foreign policy positions when the former governor travels this week to Europe and the Middle East. http://abcn.ws/Ombrss (Ann Compton)

Gay Marriage and Fast Food - Mike Huckabee Calls for Chick Fil-A Day; Muppets Sever Ties - http://abcn.ws/M6cLpg (Jilian Fama)

Renacci to Return $100K in Questionable Donations - Under pressure from his Democratic rival, Ohio Rep. Jim Renacci says he is returning approximately $100,000 in campaign contributions that have become the subject of a federal probe. http://abcn.ws/MAIywz (Meghan Kiesel)

GOP Governors Continue to Tout Low Unemployment Rates in Swing States - On Friday, the Bureau of Labor Statistics released its state and regional unemployment report for the month of June. Overall, the numbers were not positive: Twenty-seven states reported increases in their unemployment rates from the previous month, while 11 states, plus Washington, D.C., posted decreases. Twelve states remained unchanged. http://abcn.ws/ME5HA0 (Elizabeth Hartfield)

'Seinfeld' Star Jumps Into Assault Weapon Debate- Jason Alexander of "Seinfeld" fame has weighed in on the conversation surrounding gun control laws in light of the shooting in Aurora, Colo., last Friday. The debate over gun control has flared up following the tragic Aurora theater shooting on July 20, in which suspect James Holmes allegedly killed 12 and injured 58 when he opened fire on a crowded movie theater with several weapons, including an assault rifle. http://abcn.ws/PADTeV (Meghan Kiesel)

Veep Beat: How Pawlenty's Lack of Pizzazz Helps VP Chances - How Pawlenty's Lack of Pizzazz Helps; Rubio's 'marketplace' idea mirrors Obama's health exchanges; Portman kayaks; Jindal facts http://abcn.ws/PAxYqa (Arlette Saenz)

Senate Observes a Moment of Silence for Aurora Victims - The Senate today observed a moment of silence for the 12 people who died and 58 who were injured in the Aurora, Colorado shooting last week. http://abcn.ws/MXaYwx (Sunlen Miller)

Beckham to Barack: Boxers or Briefs?-Boxers or briefs for the commander in chief? David Beckham knows the answer.Soccer superstar David Beckham reportedly gifted the president 50 pairs of fitted boxer briefs from his own H&M line, making good on a promise to send Obama a "big box of underwear" that the LA Galaxy star mentioned back in May. http://abcn.ws/MEsATW (Meghan Kiesel)

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