Mitt the Jokester: Romney's Hits and Misses

VIDEO: Candidate recounts fathers political trouble after moving Michigan plant to Wisconsin.

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GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney has tried to break the ice or lighten the mood with a joke many a time - and really, he is successful more often than not. Moreover, his jokes aren't a new strategy - this buttoned-up businessman has had his moments on the campaign trail throughout the years.

During an otherwise slightly tense interview with FOX News' Neil Cavuto yesterday, Romney managed to lighten the tone of the interview with a pop culture reference in regard to Cavuto's question about his VP pick.

Romney dodged the reporter's inquiry into the timing of the VP selection process, saying he'd have to "come after him with my 'Men In Black' flashlight" if he told Cavuto anything. Watch here:

On June 16, amidst his bus tour, Romney joked around with the reporters accompanying him, leaving them a note that read, "You guys have it way too soft - nice ride. PS - Erased your hard drives." But the lighthearted note was more a reminder of a 2011 Boston Globe investigation revealing that before Romney left office as governor of Massachusetts in late 2006, "11 of his top aides purchased their state-issued computer hard drives, and the Romney administration's e-mails were all wiped from a server."

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During a conference call with Wisconsin supporters in March, Romney told an anecdote about a Michigan marching band playing the Wisconsin fight song during his father's campaign for the Michigan governorship. The event was a nightmare for George Romney's campaign staffers, as George Romney had previously moved factory jobs from Michigan to Wisconsin. Watch here:

Romney managed to play off getting glitter bombed at a Minneapolis rally in February. Once he'd been dusted off, Romney turned to the audience and thanked his "bomber" for the confetti, saying that it was in celebration of the campaign's recent win in Florida - all while security led the offender out of the rally. Watch here:

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In June 2011 in Florida, Romney connected with voters over dismal unemployment numbers by saying, "I'm also unemployed… I have my eye on a specific position." His quip was met with resounding laughs by those around the table. Watch here:

At another campaign stop, Romney played a bit of a prank on a waitress on one of his stops. As the waitress poses for a photo with Romney, he jumped a bit and said, "Whoa," feigning as if she had groped his rear. Watch here:

Romney received a lot of flack in 2007 regarding his hunting habits, but good-naturedly played into the critiques. He brought along a "trophy" to an appearance, and also joked that his grandchildren were disappointed when the Easter bunny didn't show that year - apparently he had heard that Romney was "packing heat." Watch here:

Despite being generally very close-lipped about his Mormon faith, Romney wasn't so quiet about it in 2002. During a discussion on marriage, he quipped that marriage is "between a man and a woman, and a woman, and a woman…" Watch here:

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