Romney Approves of Obama's Handling of Colorado Shooting

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Mitt Romney pledged Sunday evening to be "less partisan" at a high-dollar fundraiser, the first he has attended since the Colorado shooting that left 12 people dead.

"I will note that my remarks here today will not be as partisan as normal and instead I am going to talk about my vision for the country, in part keeping with the seriousness and the thoughts of the day," Romney told about 250 supporters at the Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco.

"We obviously have heavy hearts," Romney said, referring to the aftermath of last week's deadly shooting. "It is a reminder of loss, a loss of young minds and youthful voices and souring spirits lost senselessly and thoughtlessly. We turn to a power greater than our own to understand purpose and if not to understand at least to be able to soothe the wounds of those who have been so seriously hurt."

Romney, whose campaign has pulled advertising from the Colorado airwaves, dedicated a previously scheduled campaign event in New Hampshire Friday to a statement on the incident, forgoing his stump speech and instead offering his condolences.

Sunday evening's event began with a moment of silence, and Romney offered his approval of President Obama's decision to visit families in Aurora, Colo.

"I know the president will be there before he'll be here in San Francisco visiting with families and the victims, which is the right thing for the president to be doing on this day," he said. "I appreciate that."

Romney's first campaign event is scheduled for today, where he will hold a small business roundtable in Costa Mesa, Calif. Obama will also get back on the stump today, campaigning in Nevada and California.

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