No London Medal for Romney, What 'No Stone Unturned' Means to Obama (PM Note)

Romney's London False Start - If it we were doing a riff on Mitt Romney's trip to the U.K. as a British album, it might be something like London Call-Out, Never Mind the Bollix, or Help!.

But that would be silly. In the spirit of the Olympics, we'll stick to sport.

If there were an Olympics for diplomacy, Romney likely wouldn't be on pace to bring home a medal from London in 2012.

This was supposed to be the trip to remind everyone about Romney's stewardship of the 2002 Salt Lake City games and contrast his statesmanlike demeanor with Barack Obama's 2008 messianic trip to England and Germany.

Romney has been in London for not even two days and already he's been verbally upbraided by the London mayor, the subject of a snide comment by the British prime minister, had an unnamed staffer criticized for comments about a shared "Anglo Saxon heritage" and referred publicly to the head of the British spy agency MI6, which is apparently in England just not done.

The video of London Mayor Boris Johnson using Romney's remark about "disconcerting" preparations to rev up a crowd of 60,000 in Hyde park is remarkable.

PM David Cameron's jibe about Salt Lake City being the middle of nowhere was cheeky.

Cameron later amended after talking to Romney. "He ran a successful Olympic Games in his own country and I think he's very much looking forward to seeing some of the events here. So, I felt a vote of confidence from what he said."

A wrap-up of Romney in London from Shush Walshe and Emily Friedman -

A Travelogue of everything he's done -

Judging Diplo-Gymnastics - It'd have to be a judged sport since it's all subjective. But fear not, The Guardian newspaper has gaffe rating system in place and underway. Romney referring to looking out 10 Downing Street's "backside?" 2/10 -

Horse-Sized Distance From Dressage - Romney said today he's excited to watch swimming at the Olympics because as he told Deputy PM Nick Clegg today, "Americans typically do well in swimming." He distanced himself from dressage in an interview on NBC -

Poll: Americans Like Olympics, 47 Percent Approval for Dressage -

US Olympic Committee Will Tell All Candidates Not to Use Games Video in Politics (Cough, Mitt Romney) Democratic Super-PAC (Jake Tapper)

Made in China: Olympic Pin Shaped Like Mitt Romney's Face - After controversy arose over Ralph Lauren's 2012 U.S. Olympic uniforms' Chinese origins, Mitt Romney told ABC's Jonathan Karl that the issue is "extraneous" to the focus of the games. (Chris Good)

White House: Leaving 'No Stone Unturned' Does Not Include New Gun Laws- From Mary Bruce at the White House and Jon Parkinson and Sunlen Miller on Capitol Hill: One day after President Obama publicly renewed his push to reduce gun violence in America, the White House made clear he has no plans to put new gun legislation on the table. (Mary Bruce)

Police, Gun Control Advocates Push Washington for Action -Police and gun control advocates today sounded a louder call for politicians to take a stand against gun violence - despite Congress's lack of political will to touch the issue, or the White House's affirmation that President Obama had no plans to put new gun laws on the books. (Julie Percha)

Obama's Advice to Michael Vick? "Slide More" - That via former Golden Bear Nnamdi Asomugha -

Scalia Unconcerned About Money in Politics; People Aren't 'Sheep'-In a television interview set to air on C-SPAN on Sunday, Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia dismissed concerns today about there being too much money in politics. (Ariane de Vogue)

Obama Urges House to 'Do The Right Thing' on Tax Cuts- President Obama is urging the Republican-led House of Representatives to follow the Senate's lead and "do the right thing" to extend middle class tax cuts and let taxes on those making more than $250k go up - (Mary Bruce)

Do the Right Thing is a Riff on Obama's Favorite Saying - Obama: (Insert Issue Here) 'It's the Right Thing to Do'-Doing the right thing seems to be hard for everyone, except President Obama. He always seems to know the "right thing to do." Indeed, he uses his presidential remarks to instruct the American people on the right thing to do over and over again. (Jilian Fama)

Obama Now Partly Running on Bill Clinton's Record - 'Our Plan' - Faced with an stagnating economy and unemployment over 8 percent on his own watch, President Obama on the stump now invokes the economy during the era of former President Bill Clinton. (Jake Tapper, Mary Bruce & Devin Dwyer)

The Tax Cut 'Giveaway' and Criticizing Comments By Unnamed Advisers - Today's Q's for O's WH - (Jake Tapper)

Scott Brown 'Let America Be America Again' Ad Goes Viral- The Web ad that Scott Brown's campaign released his week criticizing his Democratic opponent in the Massachusetts Senate race, Elizabeth Warren, has gone viral. It denounces comments she made in 2011 that have recently resurfaced. The ad, titled "Let America be America," features video of Warren, saying, "there is nobody in this country who got rich on his own." (Elizabeth Hartfield)

Every Day They're Scuffling: Congress Set for Battle in Next Spending Showdown- With Congress planning to leave the nation's capital for a five-week summer recess next week, lawmakers are in the midst of yet another partisan scuffle as each party digs further into its political trenches in the country's spending crisis. (John Parkinson)

Clinton Drops One-Liners on Tea Party, Cell Phones - His wife Hillary has remained squarely in the public eye since he left the Oval Office in 2000, but former President Bill Clinton has been fairly unplugged for the past 12 years - so unplugged, in fact, that he doesn't even know how to use a cell phone. (Meghan Kiesel)

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