Romney To Hammer Obama Over Jobs Council, Makes Rare Campaign HQ Appearance

BOSTON - The Romney campaign for a second day will argue that President Obama should have met more often with his jobs council.

Romney went after Obama twice Wednesday for fundraising too often and not spending enough time meeting with the jobs council.

"In the last six months he has held 100 fundraisers, and guess how many meetings he's had with his jobs council. None. Zero," Romney said at a town hall in Ohio.

Romney is expected to hone that argument today at a campaign event in Massachusetts, where he will tour a small business, the Middlesex Truck and Coach in Roxbury.

The President's Council on Jobs and Competitiveness was formed to give the administration unvarnished economic advice. It most recently met in January , according to the White House website.

When asked about the President's lack of meetings with the job's council, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney responded this week, "There's no specific reason except the President has obviously got a lot on his plate. But he continues to solicit and receive advice from numerous folks outside the administration about the economy, about the ideas that he can act on with Congress or administratively to help the economy grow and help it create jobs."

The jobs council has been the subject of several political attacks . It includes many Obama donors as well as at least executives who have worked at private equity firms like Bain Capital. The Obama campaign has criticized Romney's history with Bain, the company he founded, but left to run the Salt Lake City Olympics and later run for Massachusetts governor.

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Romney also made a rare appearance at his Boston campaign headquarters. He arrived promptly at 8 a.m., his motorcade rolling up to a side door of the office building that staffers had adorned with an enormous American flag and a Romney for President sign where he entered to go meet with members of his senior staff and share stories from the trail with staffers.

The candidate, in dress pants and a white button-down shirt, stopped briefly on his way inside to grab a pair of jeans and a sport jacket from the truck of his SUV, before walking briskly inside.

Kevin Madden, a senior advisor to Romney's campaign, tweeted shortly thereafter a photo of Romney speaking to a large group of employees who appeared to be laughing.

An aide to the campaign said that Romney spoke to the entire team at the headquarters this morning, sharing stories from the road and thinking them for their work.

Romney was last seen at the headquarters last month, since holding meetings either on the road or at his home in Wolfeboro, N.H., where he was spotted meeting on his deck with campaign manager Matt Rhoades and Beth Myers, charged with heading the vice presidential search, over the fourth of July holiday week.

In January, President Obama made a similar impromptu stop at his Chicago headquarters , where he reportedly reminisced about his first trip to Chicago as a young man and the early days of his campaign for the state senate.

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