Romney's Vacation Resumes with Dive into Lake Hours After Jobs Report

Image credit: Charles Dharapak/AP Photo

WOLFEBORO - Just a few hours after telling reporters the jobs report today was a "kick in the gut" for Americans, Mitt Romney returned to his vacation, driving his high-power speedboat, filled to the brim with his kids and grandkids, to a nearby home for a dip in Lake Winnipesaukee.

Romney was seen diving into the water from the home's dock still in his T-shirt.

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A bevy of grandchildren waved him over to a nearby rock they were balancing on; Romney followed their orders and swam over.

Standing on the rock with a few of his sons, Romney managed to avoid getting pushed in.

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Other grandchildren passed the time by sliding down a massive waterslide at the home that dumped one after the other into the lake.

Romney then swam back over to the dock, climbed up the boat's ladder, and drove his family home.

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