Romney's VP Search Head Keeps Secrets, Even at the Dinner Table

VIDEO: Romneys VP Vetter Keeps the Secret at Home

Elise Amendola/AP Photo

Beth Myers, who is leading Mitt Romney's search for a running mate, rallied about 55 Republican women at a Mexican restaurant in Ashburn, Virginia, on Tuesday.

While Myers gave few details on the search process and took no questions afterward, she did say she was pleased with Romney's options.

"This year we have a ton of qualified Republicans. It is amazing. It made my job really, really hard because it wasn't a year where there were three people who might fit the bill. We have a deep bench, including your governor," Myers said, referring to Virginia's Gov. Bob McDonnell, who has been seen as a second tier possibility in Romney's search.

Myers also listed prominent women who have worked with Romney and talked about selecting one to be his chief of staff.

She also made light of the difficulty of keeping her work under wraps, particularly in a family setting. "Wherever I go, and it's been very strange, I can't tell - because I'm a pretty open person - but I can't tell anybody about this at all," Myers said. "My children and husband are really kind of upset, because they - they'll start - I can sort of tell they're plotting against me, and they'll have like - dinner table - just a casual conversation, 'Gee, who would be a good VP?' And I just sit there silently."

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