Taking a Peep Into the Lives of the Veeps

It's been reported that Mitt Romney's campaign has asked potential running mates if they've been faithful. ABC News can attest that in recent days, none of them have been unfaithful. The short list has been subjected to a near round-the-clock scrutiny by the media.

Here's what we've learned:

Paul Ryan entered his Capitol Hill office this morning carrying a pillow and holding his son's hand. Ryan, a budget chief in the making from Wisconsin, sleeps on a cot in his office, where he dreams of deficits jumping over a cliff.

Rob Portman is also on Capitol Hill today. Over the weekend he campaigned for Romney in Ohio and is raising money for him on Friday. Yesterday Portman said on the radio that "the Senate is where I intend to stay."

Marco Rubio spent the morning at NPR's Washington studio taking calls on The Diane Rehm Show. Not long ago, NPR was a lightning rod for congressional Republicans who wanted to cut its funding because, in their view, it represented a liberal viewpoint that was paid for by taxpayers. Rehm asked Rubio if he had a problem with that - and while Rubio said he a) enjoys her show and b) thinks there are bigger costs to cut in Congress, he said, "I do have concerns about spending money on public broadcasting." After the show, he returned to the Hill. Arlette Saenz reports: "Rubio just came out and introduced himself to me while he was en route to the Capitol. He apologized for how boring it'll be staking him out and introduced me to his front desk staff, jokingly telling them I'd be outside waiting in case Mitt Romney asks him to be VP and told them to give me water or anything I might need."

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Chris Christie has been raking in the cash for Romney, hosting a handful of fundraisers in Atlanta, South Carolina, North Carolina, Chicago, Minneapolis and Washington, D.C. He triggered speculation when he stood up at a House Republican Conference meeting this week, though his office said it was because of a benign scheduling issue. At a recent town hall, Christie said, "As I've said all along, I don't expect to be asked because, I don't know, do I look like a vice president?" He probably shouldn't have said that because everyone answered back, "Yes!"

Condoleezza Rice is on vacation, we think. Her office takes requests only through fax. So we'll get back to you in a week or so.

Tim Pawlenty is … somewhere. Shush Walshe reports from his home in Eagan, Minn.: "It's on a pretty, manicured street. Everyone seems to have a dog, bike, and running habit. His house is a modest gray clapboard home. The lawn is perfectly manicured with flower boxes on the windows. A white wicker chair is by the front door."

Bobby Jindal rallied Republicans in Ohio yesterday, echoing the Romney campaign's talking points about President Obama's negative attacks. He also made an effort at a joke: "I'm just glad we're not talking about what I did in high school."

Jeb Bush did a rally, too, in Ohio.

John Thune told a reporter that he met with Romney's VP search queen and suggested he's being vetted.

Bob McDonnell offered Romney some advice in a recent interview with ABC News: "If he starts to run down every rabbit hole the Obama administration wants to take him, we're going to be off the message."

Kelly Ayotte is campaigning with Romney in New Hampshire, as she normally does when he's in the Granite State.

John Parkinson, Arlette Saenz, Shushannah Walshe and Gregory Simmons provided invaluable anecdotes for this post.

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