What '04 Obama Would Say About '12 Obama, Olympic Fantasies, Odd Friday Tweets from Romney Staffers (PM Note)

Michelle Obama's Olympic Fantasy? Gymnastics- http://abcn.ws/MKar7m (Bill Weir) Odd Friday Afternoon Tweet - @BethMyers2012 #FF @KellyAyotte @timpawlenty @GovChristie @BobbyJindal @marcorubio @RepPaulRyan @newtgingrich

@newtgingrich? http://abcn.ws/P792C7

Romney's Bitter Tea Party Wraps Up Soon - We didn't see nearly as much of him today. He did appear on the "Today" show and walked back his concerns about the London games - http://abcn.ws/QnffRI

Romney's Next Stop: Israel

Concidence? - Obama Announces $70 Million in New Military Aid for Israel - http://abcn.ws/N1Sf3X (Mary Bruce) Taking Bets - What'll Obama Do on Poland Before Romney Goes There? - http://abcn.ws/MQjeRn (Y!'s Olivier Knox)

Churchill's Bust - Tapper doggedly gets to the bottom of the Churchill bust controversy. There are two busts! And photographic proof that at least one of them is still in the White House. Or was there two years ago. http://abcn.ws/PSnjYf

8 Years Ago Tonight - "Now even as we speak, there are those who are preparing to divide us, the spin masters and negative ad peddlers who embrace the politics of anything goes. Well, I say to them tonight, there's not a liberal America and a conservative America; there's the United States of America." - Illinois State Senator Obama

Tonight on TV tonight there is an Obama campaign ad on Mitt Romney's finances with the opposing candidate singing America the Beautiful off-key.

Jake Tapper pointed that out to Jay Carney at the White House today - http://abcn.ws/MpMQEt

Obama will run a positive ad during the Olympic opening ceremonies - http://abcn.ws/OgV71q

Dow Over 13k - http://abcn.ws/OjjJGV But Economic Growth Slowed Big-time - http://abcn.ws/OjjXxF The Rosy View - WH Says Economy Moving in the Right Direction - http://abcn.ws/O5puEk (Mary Bruce)

Rahm to Holder in 2009: STFU on Guns - It turns out that Defense Secretary Robert Gates wasn't the only member of the Obama Cabinet with a STFU policy. Then White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel had one too, on guns, according to Daniel Klaidman's Kill or Capture: http://abcn.ws/NMLw00

Everyone Hates Billboards - Except for the Bill Stouffer Campaign - Politicians run on a variety of platforms and issues, but Bill Stouffer's may be the most ingenious yet. Stouffer, a Republican candidate for Missouri secretary of state, is focusing a big part of his campaign around saving the state's roadside billboards, a stance that, if nothing else, has earned the candidate a whole lot of free advertising. http://abcn.ws/LSDt3i (Meghan Kiesel)

Sad Note - Chick-fil-A's Vice President of Public Relations Dies of Heart Attack - http://abcn.ws/O307WA

More Chik-fil-A Roseanne Barr Apologizes (Kind Of) for Chick Fil-A Tweet- http://abcn.ws/NyFC5o Bloomberg Says Mayors 'Are Wrong' to Ban Chick-fil-A - http://abcn.ws/LSkh5G Target and Amazon Are the Opposites of Chick-fil-A on Gay Marriage - http://abcn.ws/O5jpI5

U.S. Resident Could Face Death Penalty in Sudan - George Stephanopoulos spoke with Nancy Williams Dawod, whose husband, Rudwan Dawod, could face the death penalty in Sudan. He's a permanent U.S. resident and in a Sudanese jail facing charges including involvement in a terrorist organization. http://abcn.ws/MpNB0c (George Stephanopoulos)

Veep Beat: GOPers Weigh in on Veepstakes - Giuliani touts Rubio; Boehner pushes Portman; Romney name drops Rubio; Jindal defends Romney over Olympics snafu; Rubio to raise some Texas cash; Christie's Cali fundraiser; Christie vetoes energy program; Condi pens op-ed http://abcn.ws/OhLmQG (Arlette Saenz)

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